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type Chart

type Chart struct {
	Base *base.Base

	// ReleaseName for this Helm release
	// `helm install --name {{ReleaseName}}`
	ReleaseName string

	// Namespace for the Helm release
	// `helm install --namespace {{Namespace}}`
	Namespace string

	// ChartName is the name of the chart to deploy
	// `helm install {{ChartName}}“
	ChartName string

	// ChartVersion is the version of the chart to deploy
	// `helm install --version {{ChartVersion}}`
	ChartVersion string

	// Vars are additional --set arguments for helm install
	// `helm install --set {{Vars[0].Key}}={{Vars[0].Value}} --set {{Vars[1].Key}}={{Vars[1].Value}} ...`
	Vars []StringTuple

	// Values is a list of paths to additional values.yaml files to include
	// `helm install --values {{Values[0]}} --values {{Values[1]}} ...`
	Values []string

	// If UpdateDeps is true, 'helm dep update' will be run against the chart
	// before installing.
	// This should only be set to true when the ChartName is a local path on disk.
	UpdateDeps bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Chart is a generic Helm chart addon for the test environment

    func (*Chart) Deprovision

    func (c *Chart) Deprovision() error

      Deprovision the deployed instance of tiller-deploy

      func (*Chart) Details

      func (c *Chart) Details() (*Details, error)

        Details must be possible to compute without Provision being called if we want to be able to provision global/shared instances of Tiller.

        func (*Chart) Logs

        func (c *Chart) Logs() (map[string]string, error)

        func (*Chart) Provision

        func (c *Chart) Provision() error

          Provision an instance of tiller-deploy

          func (*Chart) Setup

          func (c *Chart) Setup(cfg *config.Config) error

          func (*Chart) SupportsGlobal

          func (c *Chart) SupportsGlobal() bool

          type Details

          type Details struct {
          	// Helm chart release name
          	ReleaseName string
          	// Namespace that Tiller has been deployed into
          	Namespace string

            Details return the details about the Tiller instance deployed

            type StringTuple

            type StringTuple struct {
            	Key   string
            	Value string

              StringTuple is a tuple of strings, used to create ordered maps

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