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Provides types used for processing sti builds.



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const (
	// Assemble is the name of the script responsible for build process of the resulting image.
	Assemble = "assemble"
	// Run is the name of the script responsible for running the final application.
	Run = "run"
	// SaveArtifacts is the name of the script responsible for storing dependencies etc. between builds.
	SaveArtifacts = "save-artifacts"
	// Usage is the name of the script responsible for printing the builder image's short info.
	Usage = "usage"

	// Environment contains list of key value pairs that will be set during the
	// STI build. Users can use this file to provide extra configuration
	// depending on the builder image used.
	Environment = "environment"
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const (
	// UserScripts is the location of scripts downloaded from user provided URL (-s flag).
	UserScripts = "downloads/scripts"
	// DefaultScripts is the location of scripts downloaded from default location (io.s2i.scripts-url label).
	DefaultScripts = "downloads/defaultScripts"
	// SourceScripts is the location of scripts downloaded with application sources.
	SourceScripts = "upload/src/.sti/bin"

	// UploadScripts is the location of scripts that will be uploaded to the image during STI build.
	UploadScripts = "upload/scripts"
	// Source is the location of application sources.
	Source = "upload/src"


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type Config added in v0.5.4

type Config struct {

	// BuilderImage describes which image is used for building the result images.
	BuilderImage string

	// DockerConfig describes how to access host docker daemon.
	DockerConfig *DockerConfig

	// DockerCfgPath provides the path to the .dockercfg file
	DockerCfgPath string

	// PullAuthentication holds the authentication information for pulling the
	// Docker images from private repositories
	PullAuthentication docker.AuthConfiguration

	// PreserveWorkingDir describes if working directory should be left after processing.
	PreserveWorkingDir bool

	// Source URL describing the location of sources used to build the result image.
	Source string

	// Ref is a tag/branch to be used for build.
	Ref string

	// Tag is a result image tag name.
	Tag string

	// Incremental describes whether to try to perform incremental build.
	Incremental bool

	// RemovePreviousImage describes if previous image should be removed after successful build.
	// This applies only to incremental builds.
	RemovePreviousImage bool

	// Environment is a map of environment variables to be passed to the image.
	Environment map[string]string

	// EnvironmentFile provides the path to a file with list of environment
	// variables.
	EnvironmentFile string

	// CallbackURL is a URL which is called upon successful build to inform about that fact.
	CallbackURL string

	// ScriptsURL is a URL describing the localization of STI scripts used during build process.
	ScriptsURL string

	// Destination specifies a location where the untar operation will place its artifacts.
	Destination string

	// ForcePull describes if the builder should pull the images from registry prior to building.
	ForcePull bool

	// WorkingDir describes temporary directory used for downloading sources, scripts and tar operations.
	WorkingDir string

	// LayeredBuild describes if this is build which layered scripts and sources on top of BuilderImage.
	LayeredBuild bool

	// Operate quietly. Progress and assemble script output are not reported, only fatal errors.
	// (default: false).
	Quiet bool

	// Specify a relative directory inside the application repository that should
	// be used as a root directory for the application.
	ContextDir string

Config contains essential fields for performing build.

type DockerConfig added in v0.5.1

type DockerConfig struct {
	// Endpoint is the docker network endpoint or socket
	Endpoint string

	// CertFile is the certificate file path for a TLS connection
	CertFile string

	// KeyFile is the key file path for a TLS connection
	KeyFile string

	// CAFile is the certificate authority file path for a TLS connection
	CAFile string

DockerConfig contains the configuration for a Docker connection

type InstallResult

type InstallResult struct {

	// Script describes which script this result refers to
	Script string

	// URL describes from where the script was taken
	URL string

	// Downloaded describes if download operation happened, this will be true for
	// external scripts, but false for scripts from inside the image
	Downloaded bool

	// Installed describes if script was installed to upload directory
	Installed bool

	// Error describes last error encountered during install operation
	Error error

InstallResult structure describes the result of install operation

type Result

type Result struct {

	// Success describes whether the build was successful.
	Success bool

	// Messages is a list of messages from build process.
	Messages []string

	// WorkingDir describes temporary directory used for downloading sources, scripts and tar operations.
	WorkingDir string

	// ImageID describes resulting image ID.
	ImageID string

Result structure contains information from build process.


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