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Package scaler implements the kubectl.Scaler interface for deploymentConfigs



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func NewScalerClient

func NewScalerClient(oc client.Interface, kc kclient.Interface) kubectl.ScalerClient

NewScalerClient returns a new Scaler client bundling both the OpenShift and Kubernetes clients

func ScalerFor

func ScalerFor(kind string, oc client.Interface, kc kclient.Interface) (kubectl.Scaler, error)

ScalerFor returns the appropriate Scaler client depending on the provided kind of resource (Replication controllers and deploymentConfigs supported)


type DeploymentConfigScaler

type DeploymentConfigScaler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigScaler is a wrapper for the kubectl Scaler client

func (*DeploymentConfigScaler) Scale

func (scaler *DeploymentConfigScaler) Scale(namespace, name string, newSize uint, preconditions *kubectl.ScalePrecondition, retry, waitForReplicas *kubectl.RetryParams) error

Scale updates a replication controller created by the DeploymentConfig with the provided namespace/name, to a new size, with optional precondition check (if preconditions is not nil),optional retries (if retry

is not nil), and then optionally waits for it's replica count to reach the new value (if wait is not nil).

func (*DeploymentConfigScaler) ScaleSimple

func (scaler *DeploymentConfigScaler) ScaleSimple(namespace, name string, preconditions *kubectl.ScalePrecondition, newSize uint) (string, error)

ScaleSimple does a simple one-shot attempt at scaling - not useful on it's own, but a necessary building block for Scale

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