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func GenerateDeploymentConfig

func GenerateDeploymentConfig(name string, options *ipfailover.IPFailoverConfigCmdOptions, selector map[string]string) (*dapi.DeploymentConfig, error)

GenerateDeploymentConfig generates an IP Failover deployment configuration.


type KeepalivedPlugin

type KeepalivedPlugin struct {
	Name    string
	Factory *clientcmd.Factory
	Options *ipfailover.IPFailoverConfigCmdOptions

KeepalivedPlugin is an IP Failover configurator plugin for keepalived sidecar.

func NewIPFailoverConfiguratorPlugin

func NewIPFailoverConfiguratorPlugin(name string, f *clientcmd.Factory, options *ipfailover.IPFailoverConfigCmdOptions) (*KeepalivedPlugin, error)

NewIPFailoverConfiguratorPlugin creates a new IPFailoverConfigurator (keepalived) plugin instance.

func (*KeepalivedPlugin) Create

func (p *KeepalivedPlugin) Create(out io.Writer) error

Create the config and services associated with this IP Failover configuration.

func (*KeepalivedPlugin) Generate

func (p *KeepalivedPlugin) Generate() (*kapi.List, error)

Generate the config and services for this IP Failover configuration plugin.

func (*KeepalivedPlugin) GetDeploymentConfig

func (p *KeepalivedPlugin) GetDeploymentConfig() (*deployapi.DeploymentConfig, error)

GetDeploymentConfig gets the deployment config associated with this IP Failover configurator plugin.

func (*KeepalivedPlugin) GetNamespace

func (p *KeepalivedPlugin) GetNamespace() (string, error)

GetNamespace gets the namespace associated with this IP Failover configurator plugin.

func (*KeepalivedPlugin) GetSelector

func (p *KeepalivedPlugin) GetSelector() (map[string]string, error)

GetSelector gets the selector associated with this IP Failover configurator plugin.

func (*KeepalivedPlugin) GetWatchPort

func (p *KeepalivedPlugin) GetWatchPort() (int, error)

GetWatchPort gets the port to monitor for the IP Failover configuration.

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