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const (
	// ProjectDisplayName is an annotation that stores the name displayed when querying for projects
	ProjectDisplayName = "openshift.io/display-name"
	// ProjectDescription is an annotatoion that holds the description of the project
	ProjectDescription = "openshift.io/description"
	// ProjectNodeSelector is an annotation that holds the node selector;
	// the node selector annotation determines which nodes will have pods from this project scheduled to them
	ProjectNodeSelector = "openshift.io/node-selector"

These constants represent annotations keys affixed to projects

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const (
	// These are internal finalizer values to Origin
	FinalizerOrigin kapi.FinalizerName = "openshift.io/origin"


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type Project

type Project struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta   `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	// Spec defines the behavior of the Namespace.
	Spec ProjectSpec `json:"spec,omitempty" description:"spec defines the behavior of the Project"`

	// Status describes the current status of a Namespace
	Status ProjectStatus `json:"status,omitempty" description:"status describes the current status of a Project; read-only"`

Project is a logical top-level container for a set of origin resources

func (*Project) IsAnAPIObject

func (*Project) IsAnAPIObject()

type ProjectList

type ProjectList struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ListMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
	Items         []Project `json:"items"`

ProjectList is a list of Project objects.

func (*ProjectList) IsAnAPIObject

func (*ProjectList) IsAnAPIObject()

type ProjectRequest

type ProjectRequest struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta   `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
	DisplayName     string `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
	Description     string `json:"description,omitempty"`

func (*ProjectRequest) IsAnAPIObject

func (*ProjectRequest) IsAnAPIObject()

type ProjectSpec

type ProjectSpec struct {
	// Finalizers is an opaque list of values that must be empty to permanently remove object from storage
	Finalizers []kapi.FinalizerName `` /* 127-byte string literal not displayed */

ProjectSpec describes the attributes on a Project

type ProjectStatus

type ProjectStatus struct {
	Phase kapi.NamespacePhase `json:"phase,omitempty" description:"phase is the current lifecycle phase of the project"`

ProjectStatus is information about the current status of a Project

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