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type LDAPGroupDetector

type LDAPGroupDetector interface {
	Exists(ldapGroupUID string) (exists bool, err error)

LDAPGroupDetector determines if a group identified by an LDAP group UID exists on the LDAP server

type LDAPGroupGetter

type LDAPGroupGetter interface {
	GroupEntryFor(ldapGroupUID string) (group *ldap.Entry, err error)

LDAPGroupGetter maps a ldapGroupUID to a first-class LDAP group entry

type LDAPGroupLister

type LDAPGroupLister interface {
	ListGroups() (ldapGroupUIDs []string, err error)

LDAPGroupLister lists the LDAP groups that need to be synced by a job. The LDAPGroupLister needs to be paired with an LDAPMemberExtractor that understands the format of the unique identifiers returned to represent the LDAP groups to be synced.

type LDAPGroupListerNameMapper

type LDAPGroupListerNameMapper interface {

type LDAPGroupNameMapper

type LDAPGroupNameMapper interface {
	GroupNameFor(ldapGroupUID string) (openShiftGroupName string, err error)

LDAPGroupNameMapper maps a ldapGroupUID representing an LDAP group to the OpenShift Group name for the resource

type LDAPMemberExtractor

type LDAPMemberExtractor interface {
	// ExtractMembers returns the list of LDAP first-class user entries that are members of the LDAP group
	// specified by the ldapGroupUID
	ExtractMembers(ldapGroupUID string) (members []*ldap.Entry, err error)

LDAPMemberExtractor retrieves member data about an LDAP group from the LDAP server.

type LDAPUserNameMapper

type LDAPUserNameMapper interface {
	UserNameFor(ldapUser *ldap.Entry) (openShiftUserName string, err error)

LDAPUserNameMapper maps an LDAP entry representing an LDAP user to the OpenShift User name for the resource

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