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Package mount defines an interface to mounting filesystems.

TODO(thockin): This whole pkg is pretty linux-centric. As soon as we have an alternate platform, we will need to abstract further.



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const FlagBind = syscall.MS_BIND
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const FlagReadOnly = syscall.MS_RDONLY


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type Interface

type Interface interface {
	// Mount wraps syscall.Mount().
	Mount(source string, target string, fstype string, flags uintptr, data string) error

	// Umount wraps syscall.Mount().
	Unmount(target string, flags int) error

	// List returns a list of all mounted filesystems.  This can be large.
	// On some platforms, reading mounts is not guaranteed consistent (i.e.
	// it could change between chunked reads). This is guaranteed to be
	// consistent.
	List() ([]MountPoint, error)

Each supported platform must define the following flags:

- FlagBind: specifies a bind mount
- FlagReadOnly: the mount will be read-only

func New

func New() Interface

New returns a mount.Interface for the current system.

type MountPoint

type MountPoint struct {
	Device string
	Path   string
	Type   string
	Opts   []string
	Freq   int
	Pass   int

This represents a single line in /proc/mounts or /etc/fstab.

type Mounter

type Mounter struct{}

func (*Mounter) List

func (*Mounter) List() ([]MountPoint, error)

func (*Mounter) Mount

func (mounter *Mounter) Mount(source string, target string, fstype string, flags uintptr, data string) error

Wraps syscall.Mount()

func (*Mounter) Unmount

func (mounter *Mounter) Unmount(target string, flags int) error

Wraps syscall.Unmount()

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