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func AddComponent added in v1.24.0

func AddComponent(sshCommander provision.SSHCommander, ocBinaryPathInsideVM string, basedir string, componentName string, imageToUse string) (string, error)

AddComponent add a component to running Openshift cluster

func ClusterUp added in v1.1.0

func ClusterUp(config *ClusterUpConfig, clusterUpParams map[string]string) (string, error)

ClusterUp execute oc binary in order to run 'cluster up'

func CopyOcBinaryFromImageToVM added in v1.18.0

func CopyOcBinaryFromImageToVM(dockerCommander docker.DockerCommander, image string, pathInVm string) error

func EnsureHostDirectoriesExist

func EnsureHostDirectoriesExist(host *host.Host, dirs []string) error

EnsureHostDirectoriesExist ensures that the specified directories exist on the VM and creates them if not.

func GetExecutionContext added in v1.1.0

func GetExecutionContext(ip string, routingSuffix string, sshUser string, addOnEnv []string, ocRunner *oc.OcRunner, sshCommander provision.SSHCommander) (*command.ExecutionContext, error)

GetExecutionContext creates an ExecutionContext used for variable interpolation during add-on application. The context contains variables to interpolate during add-on execution, as well as the means to communicate with the VM (SSHCommander) and OpenShift (OcRunner).

func PostClusterUp added in v1.1.0

func PostClusterUp(clusterUpConfig *ClusterUpConfig, sshCommander provision.SSHCommander, addOnManager *manager.AddOnManager, runner util.Runner) error

PostClusterUp runs the Minishift specific provisioning after 'cluster up' has run


type ClusterUpConfig added in v1.1.0

type ClusterUpConfig struct {
	OpenShiftVersion     string
	MachineName          string
	Ip                   string
	Port                 int
	RoutingSuffix        string
	User                 string
	Project              string
	KubeConfigPath       string
	OcPath               string
	AddonEnv             []string
	PublicHostname       string
	SSHCommander         provision.SSHCommander
	OcBinaryPathInsideVM string
	SshUser              string

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