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func GetFSDevice

func GetFSDevice(dir string) (string, error)

GetFSDevice returns the filesystem device for a given path. To do this we run df on the path, returning a header line and the line we're interested in. The first string token in that line will be the device name.


type EmptyDirQuotaPlugin

type EmptyDirQuotaPlugin struct {
	// wrapped is the actual k8s emptyDir volume plugin we will pass method calls to.
	Wrapped volume.VolumePlugin

	// The default quota to apply to each node:
	Quota resource.Quantity

	// QuotaApplicator is passed to actual volume builders so they can apply
	// quota for the supported filesystem.
	QuotaApplicator QuotaApplicator

EmptyDirQuotaPlugin is a simple wrapper for the k8s empty dir plugin builder.

func (*EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) CanSupport

func (plugin *EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) CanSupport(spec *volume.Spec) bool

func (*EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) Init

func (plugin *EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) Init(host volume.VolumeHost) error

func (*EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) Name

func (plugin *EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) Name() string

func (*EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) NewBuilder

func (plugin *EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) NewBuilder(spec *volume.Spec, pod *api.Pod, opts volume.VolumeOptions) (volume.Builder, error)

func (*EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) NewCleaner

func (plugin *EmptyDirQuotaPlugin) NewCleaner(volName string, podUID types.UID) (volume.Cleaner, error)

type QuotaApplicator

type QuotaApplicator interface {
	// Apply the quota to the given EmptyDir path:
	Apply(dir string, medium api.StorageMedium, pod *api.Pod, fsGroup *int64, quota resource.Quantity) error

QuotaApplicator is used to apply quota to an emptyDir volume.

func NewQuotaApplicator

func NewQuotaApplicator(volumeDirectory string) (QuotaApplicator, error)

NewQuotaApplicator checks the filesystem type for the configured volume directory and returns an appropriate implementation of the quota applicator. If the filesystem does not appear to be a type we support quotas on, an error is returned.

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