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CATs will build catnip in its SynchronizedBeforeSuite, so if you've run CATs you should have the binary at ./assets/catnip/bin/catnip

To build and push catnip locally

GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -o bin/catnip
cd bin/catnip
cf push catnip -b binary_buildpack -c "./catnip"

If you get a build error you probably have CATs checked out to somewhere that isn't on your gopath.

Try go get and then cd $GOPATH/src/ or cd $HOME/go/src/

Sticky Sessions

To set up a sticky session manually:

  1. Get your sticky session by running:
curl -d '' -c instance_1
  1. Run with a different filename for each instance, and repeat the curl command until you get a new ID
curl -d '' -c instance_2
  1. Then you can target whatever instance you want for example:
curl -b instance_2


The Go Gopher

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