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type Details

type Details struct {
	// JobID returns a unique ID for this job.
	JobID string

	// CreatedAt returns the creation time for this job.
	CreatedAt time.Time

	// The [start, end) values of the UUID range allocated for this job.
	PartitionFromID uuid.UUID
	PartitionToID   uuid.UUID

Details encapsulates the information about a job executed by a master or a worker node.

type Runner

type Runner interface {
	// StartJob initializes the underlying bspgraph.Graph instance and
	// invokes the provided ExecutorFactory to create an executor for the
	// graph supersteps.
	StartJob(Details, bspgraph.ExecutorFactory) (*bspgraph.Executor, error)

	// CompleteJob is responsible for persisting the locally computed
	// values after a successful execution of a distributed graph algorithm.
	CompleteJob(Details) error

	// AbortJob is responsible for cleaning up the underlying graph after
	// an unsuccessful execution of a distributed graph algorithm.

Runner is implemented by types that can execute distributed bspgraph jobs.

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