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type Runner

type Runner struct {
	Finalizer                   string
	ReconcilePeriod             time.Duration
	ManageStatus                bool
	WatchDependentResources     bool
	WatchClusterScopedResources bool
	// Used to send error if Run should fail.
	Error error
	// Job Events that will be sent back from the runs channel
	JobEvents []eventapi.JobEvent
	//Stdout standard out to reply if failure occurs.
	Stdout string

Runner - implements the Runner interface for a GVK that's being watched.

func (*Runner) GetFinalizer

func (r *Runner) GetFinalizer() (string, bool)

GetFinalizer - gets the fake finalizer.

func (*Runner) GetManageStatus

func (r *Runner) GetManageStatus() bool

GetManageStatus - get managestatus.

func (*Runner) GetReconcilePeriod

func (r *Runner) GetReconcilePeriod() (time.Duration, bool)

GetReconcilePeriod - new reconcile period.

func (*Runner) GetWatchClusterScopedResources

func (r *Runner) GetWatchClusterScopedResources() bool

GetWatchClusterScopedResources - get watchClusterScopedResources.

func (*Runner) GetWatchDependentResources

func (r *Runner) GetWatchDependentResources() bool

GetWatchDependentResources - get watchDependentResources.

func (*Runner) Run

Run - runs the fake runner.

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