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func CleanUpMigrateInfo

func CleanUpMigrateInfo(repo *models.Repository) (*models.Repository, error)

CleanUpMigrateInfo finishes migrating repository and/or wiki with things that don't need to be done for mirrors.

func CreateDelegateHooks

func CreateDelegateHooks(repoPath string) error

CreateDelegateHooks creates all the hooks scripts for the repo

func CreateNewBranch

func CreateNewBranch(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository, oldBranchName, branchName string) (err error)

CreateNewBranch creates a new repository branch

func CreateNewBranchFromCommit

func CreateNewBranchFromCommit(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository, commit, branchName string) (err error)

CreateNewBranchFromCommit creates a new repository branch

func CreateRepository

func CreateRepository(doer, u *models.User, opts models.CreateRepoOptions) (_ *models.Repository, err error)

CreateRepository creates a repository for the user/organization.

func DeleteMissingRepositories

func DeleteMissingRepositories(doer *models.User) error

DeleteMissingRepositories deletes all repository records that lost Git files.

func ForkRepository

func ForkRepository(doer, owner *models.User, oldRepo *models.Repository, name, desc string) (_ *models.Repository, err error)

ForkRepository forks a repository

func GenerateGitContent

func GenerateGitContent(ctx models.DBContext, templateRepo, generateRepo *models.Repository) error

GenerateGitContent generates git content from a template repository

func GenerateRepository

func GenerateRepository(ctx models.DBContext, doer, owner *models.User, templateRepo *models.Repository, opts models.GenerateRepoOptions) (_ *models.Repository, err error)

GenerateRepository generates a repository from a template

func GetBranch

func GetBranch(repo *models.Repository, branch string) (*git.Branch, error)

GetBranch returns a branch by its name

func GetBranches

func GetBranches(repo *models.Repository) ([]*git.Branch, error)

GetBranches returns all the branches of a repository

func GitFsck

func GitFsck(ctx context.Context) error

GitFsck calls 'git fsck' to check repository health.

func GitGcRepos

func GitGcRepos(ctx context.Context) error

GitGcRepos calls 'git gc' to remove unnecessary files and optimize the local repository

func MigrateRepositoryGitData

func MigrateRepositoryGitData(doer, u *models.User, repo *models.Repository, opts api.MigrateRepoOption) (*models.Repository, error)

MigrateRepositoryGitData starts migrating git related data after created migrating repository

func PushUpdateAddTag

func PushUpdateAddTag(repo *models.Repository, gitRepo *git.Repository, tagName string) error

PushUpdateAddTag must be called for any push actions to add tag

func ReinitMissingRepositories

func ReinitMissingRepositories() error

ReinitMissingRepositories reinitializes all repository records that lost Git files.

func SyncReleasesWithTags

func SyncReleasesWithTags(repo *models.Repository, gitRepo *git.Repository) error

SyncReleasesWithTags synchronizes release table with repository tags

func SyncRepositoryHooks

func SyncRepositoryHooks(ctx context.Context) error

SyncRepositoryHooks rewrites all repositories' pre-receive, update and post-receive hooks to make sure the binary and custom conf path are up-to-date.

type PushCommit

type PushCommit struct {
	Sha1           string
	Message        string
	AuthorEmail    string
	AuthorName     string
	CommitterEmail string
	CommitterName  string
	Timestamp      time.Time

PushCommit represents a commit in a push operation.

func CommitToPushCommit

func CommitToPushCommit(commit *git.Commit) *PushCommit

CommitToPushCommit transforms a git.Commit to PushCommit type.

type PushCommits

type PushCommits struct {
	Len        int
	Commits    []*PushCommit
	CompareURL string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PushCommits represents list of commits in a push operation.

func ListToPushCommits

func ListToPushCommits(l *list.List) *PushCommits

ListToPushCommits transforms a list.List to PushCommits type.

func NewPushCommits

func NewPushCommits() *PushCommits

NewPushCommits creates a new PushCommits object.

func (pc *PushCommits) AvatarLink(email string) string

AvatarLink tries to match user in database with e-mail in order to show custom avatar, and falls back to general avatar link.

func (*PushCommits) ToAPIPayloadCommits

func (pc *PushCommits) ToAPIPayloadCommits(repoPath, repoLink string) ([]*api.PayloadCommit, error)

ToAPIPayloadCommits converts a PushCommits object to api.PayloadCommit format.

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