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🧠 DeepDetect package for easy integration in any Go project

GoDD offer a simple way to use DeepDetect in your Go software, by providing a simple interface to communicate with the different API endpoints supported by DeepDetect.

GoDD currrently only support prediction, not training.


go get -u github.com/jolibrain/godd


DeepDetect quickstart with Docker:

docker pull beniz/deepdetect_cpu

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -v $HOME/deepdetect-models:/opt/my-models beniz/deepdetect_cpu

wget https://deepdetect.com/models/voc0712_dd.tar.gz

sudo mkdir -p $HOME/deepdetect-models/voc0712 && sudo tar -xvf voc0712_dd.tar.gz -C $HOME/deepdetect-models/voc0712

Get informations on a DeepDetect instance:

// Set DeepDetect host informations
const myDD = ""

// Retrieve informations
info, err := godd.GetInfo(myDD)
if err != nil {

// Display informations

// Display only the services field

Create a service:

// Create a service request structure
var service godd.ServiceRequest

// Specify values for your service creation
service.Name = "imageserv"
service.Description = "object detection service"
service.Type = "supervised"
service.Mllib = "caffe"
service.Parameters.Input.Connector = "image"
service.Parameters.Input.Width = 300
service.Parameters.Input.Height = 300
service.Parameters.Mllib.Nclasses = 21
service.Model.Repository = "/opt/my-models/voc0712/"

// Send the service creation request
creationResult, err := godd.CreateService(myDD, &service)
if err != nil {

// Check if the service is created
if creationResult.Status.Code == 200 {
	fmt.Println("Service creation: " + creationResult.Status.Msg)
} else {
	fmt.Println("Service creation: " + creationResult.Status.Msg)


// Create predict structure for request parameters
var predict godd.PredictRequest

// Specify values for your prediction
predict.Service = "imageserv"
predict.Data = append(predict.Data, "https://t2.ea.ltmcdn.com/fr/images/9/0/0/les_bienfaits_d_avoir_un_chien_1009_600.jpg")
predict.Parameters.Output.Bbox = true
predict.Parameters.Output.ConfidenceThreshold = 0.1

// Execute the prediction
predictResult, err := godd.Predict(myDD, &predict)
if err != nil {

// Print data of the first object detected
if predictResult.Status.Code == 200 {
	// Print the complete JSON result:
	// fmt.Println(string(predictResult))
	fmt.Println("Category: " + predictResult.Body.Predictions[0].Classes[0.Cat)
	fmt.Println("Probability: " + strconv.FormatFloa(predictResult.Body.Predictions[0].Classes[0].Prob, 'f', 6, 64))
	var bbox, _ = json.Marshal(predictResult.Body.Predictions[0].Classes[0.Bbox)
	fmt.Println("Bbox: " + string(bbox))
} else {
	fmt.Println("Prediction failed: " + predictResult.Status.Msg)

Delete a service:

// Delete service
serviceDeleteStatus, err := godd.DeleteService(myDD, "imageserv")
if err != nil {

fmt.Println("Service deletion:")

You can see the full examples in the examples folder.




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type Info

type Info struct {
	Status struct {
		Code int    `json:"code"`
		Msg  string `json:"msg"`
	} `json:"status"`
	Head struct {
		Method   string `json:"method"`
		Version  string `json:"version"`
		Branch   string `json:"branch"`
		Commit   string `json:"commit"`
		Services []struct {
			Mltype      string `json:"mltype"`
			Name        string `json:"name"`
			Description string `json:"description"`
			Mllib       string `json:"mllib"`
			Predict     bool   `json:"predict"`
		} `json:"services"`
	} `json:"head"`

Info structure contain informations fetched by the GetInfo function

func GetInfo

func GetInfo(host string) (info *Info, err error)

GetInfo return an object containing informations from /info

type PredictRequest

type PredictRequest struct {
	// General parameters
	Service    string   `json:"service,omitempty"`
	Data       []string `json:"data,omitempty"`
	Parameters struct {
		Input struct {
			// Image - image
			Width      int     `json:"width,omitempty"`
			Height     int     `json:"height,omitempty"`
			CropWidth  int     `json:"crop_width,omitempty"`
			CropHeight int     `json:"crop_height,omitempty"`
			BW         bool    `json:"bw,omitempty"`
			MeanTF     float64 `json:"mean,omitempty"`
			Mean       []int   `json:"mean,omitempty"`
			STD        float64 `json:"std,omitempty"`
			// CSV - csv
			Ignore    []string  `json:"ignore,omitempty"`
			Separator string    `json:"separator,omitempty"`
			ID        string    `json:"id,omitempty"`
			Scale     bool      `json:"scale,omitempty"`
			MinVals   []float64 `json:"min_vals,omitempty"`
			MaxVals   []float64 `json:"max_vals,omitempty"`
			// MISSING: categoricals_mapping
			// Text - txt
			Count         int    `json:"count,omitempty"`
			MinCount      int    `json:"min_count,omitempty"`
			MinWordLength int    `json:"min_word_length,omitempty"`
			TFIDF         bool   `json:"tfidf,omitempty"`
			Sentences     bool   `json:"sentences,omitempty"`
			Characters    bool   `json:"characters,omitempty"`
			Sequence      int    `json:"sequence,omitempty"`
			ReadForward   bool   `json:"read_forward,omitempty"`
			Alphabet      string `json:"alphabet,omitempty"`
			Sparse        bool   `json:"sparse,omitempty"`
		} `json:"input,omitempty"`
		Output struct {
			Best     int    `json:"best,omitempty"`
			Template string `json:"template,omitempty"`
			Network  *struct {
				URL         string `json:"url,omitempty"`
				HTTPMethod  string `json:"http_method,omitempty"`
				ContentType string `json:"content_type,omitempty"`
			} `json:"network,omitempty"`
			Measure             []float64 `json:"measure,omitempty"`
			ConfidenceThreshold float64   `json:"confidence_threshold,omitempty"`
			Bbox                bool      `json:"bbox,omitempty"`
			Mask                bool      `json:"mask,omitempty"`
			Rois                string    `json:"rois,omitempty"`
			Index               bool      `json:"index,omitempty"`
			BuildIndex          bool      `json:"build_index,omitempty"`
			Search              bool      `json:"search,omitempty"`
			MultiboxRois        bool      `json:"multibox_rois,omitempty"`
			CTC                 bool      `json:"ctc,omitempty"`
		} `json:"output,omitempty"`
		Mllib struct {
			// Caffe / Caffe2
			GPU          bool   `json:"gpu,omitempty"`
			GPUID        []int  `json:"gpuid,omitempty"`
			ExtractLayer string `json:"extract_layer,omitempty"`
			// Net or TF
			TestBatchSize int `json:"test_batch_size,omitempty"`
			// Tensorflow
			InputLayer  string `json:"inputlayer,omitempty"`
			OutputLayer string `json:"outputlayer,omitempty"`
		} `json:"mllib,omitempty"`
	} `json:"parameters,omitempty"`

PredictRequest hold data for the prediction request

type PredictResult

type PredictResult struct {
	Status struct {
		Code int    `json:"code,omitempty"`
		Msg  string `json:"msg,omitempty"`
	} `json:"status,omitempty"`
	Head struct {
		Method  string  `json:"method,omitempty"`
		Service string  `json:"service,omitempty"`
		Time    float64 `json:"time,omitempty"`
	} `json:"head,omitempty"`
	Body struct {
		Predictions []struct {
			Classes []struct {
				Prob float64 `json:"prob,omitempty"`
				Last bool    `json:"last,omitempty"`
				Bbox struct {
					Ymax float64 `json:"ymax,omitempty"`
					Xmax float64 `json:"xmax,omitempty"`
					Ymin float64 `json:"ymin,omitempty"`
					Xmin float64 `json:"xmin,omitempty"`
				} `json:"bbox,omitempty"`
				Mask struct {
					Format string `json:"format,omitempty"`
					Width  int    `json:"width,omitempty"`
					Height int    `json:"height,omitempty"`
					Data   []int  `json:"data,omitempty"`
				} `json:"mask,omitempty"`
				Cat string `json:"cat,omitempty"`
			URI string `json:"uri,omitempty"`
		} `json:"predictions,omitempty"`
	} `json:"body,omitempty"`

PredictResult struct storing predictions result

func Predict

func Predict(host string, predictRequest *PredictRequest) (result PredictResult, err error)

Predict perform a /predict call and return a PredictResult structure

type ServiceInfo

type ServiceInfo struct {
	Status struct {
		Code int    `json:"code,omitempty"`
		Msg  string `json:"msg,omitempty"`
	} `json:"status,omitempty"`
	Body struct {
		Mllib       string `json:"mllib,omitempty"`
		Description string `json:"description,omitempty"`
		Name        string `json:"name,omitempty"`
		Jobs        []struct {
			Job    int    `json:"job,omitempty"`
			Status string `json:"status,omitempty"`
		} `json:"jobs,omitempty"`
	} `json:"body,omitempty"`

ServiceInfo structure contain informations fetched by the GetServiceInfo function

func GetServiceInfo

func GetServiceInfo(host string, service string) (info *ServiceInfo, err error)

GetServiceInfo fetch service informations using the /services/<service_name> endpoint It takes the host and the service name as input, and return a *ServiceInfo structure.

type ServiceRequest

type ServiceRequest struct {
	// General parameters
	Name        string
	Mllib       string `json:"mllib,omitempty"`
	Type        string `json:"type,default=supervised"`
	Description string `json:"description,omitempty"`
	// Model
	Model struct {
		Repository       string   `json:"repository,omitempty"`
		Templates        string   `json:"templates,omitempty"`
		Init             string   `json:"init,omitempty"`
		Weights          string   `json:"weights,omitempty"`
		CreateRepository bool     `json:"create_repository,omitempty"`
		IndexPreload     bool     `json:"index_preload,omitempty"`
		Extensions       []string `json:"extensions,omitempty"`
	} `json:"model,omitempty"`
	Parameters struct {
		Input struct {
			// Input
			Connector string `json:"connector,omitempty"`
			// Input - image
			Width         int       `json:"width,omitempty"`
			Height        int       `json:"height,omitempty"`
			BW            bool      `json:"bw,omitempty"`
			MeanTS        float64   `json:"mean,omitempty"`
			Mean          []float64 `json:"mean,omitempty"`
			STD           float64   `json:"std,omitempty"`
			Segmentation  bool      `json:"segmentation,omitempty"`
			MultiLabel    bool      `json:"multi_label,omitempty"`
			RootFolder    string    `json:"root_folder,omitempty"`
			CTC           bool      `json:"ctc,omitempty"`
			UnchangedData bool      `json:"unchanged_data,omitempty"`
			Bbox          bool      `json:"bbox,omitempty"`
			// Input - CSV
			Label        string   `json:"label,omitempty"`
			Ignore       []string `json:"ignore,omitempty"`
			LabelOffset  int      `json:"label_offset,omitempty"`
			Separator    string   `json:"separator,omitempty"`
			ID           string   `json:"id,omitempty"`
			Scale        bool     `json:"scale,omitempty"`
			Categoricals []string `json:"categoricals,omitempty"`
			DB           bool     `json:"db,omitempty"`
			// Input - TXT
			Sentences   bool   `json:"sentences,omitempty"`
			Characters  bool   `json:"characters,omitempty"`
			Sequence    int    `json:"sequence,omitempty"`
			ReadForward bool   `json:"read_forward,omitempty"`
			Alphabet    string `json:"alphabet,omitempty"`
			Sparse      bool   `json:"sparse,omitempty"`
		} `json:"input,omitempty"`
		Mllib struct {
			// Caffe and Caffe2
			Nclasses           int      `json:"nclasses,omitempty"`
			Ntargets           int      `json:"ntargets,omitempty"`
			GPU                bool     `json:"gpu,omitempty"`
			GPUID              []int    `json:"gpuid,omitempty"`
			Template           string   `json:"template,omitempty"`
			LayersMLP          []int    `json:"layers,omitempty"`
			LayersConvnet      []string `json:"layers,omitempty"`
			Activation         string   `json:"activation,omitempty"`
			Dropout            float64  `json:"dropout,omitempty"`
			Regression         bool     `json:"regression,omitempty"`
			Autoencoder        bool     `json:"autoencoder,omitempty"`
			CropSize           int      `json:"crop_size,omitempty"`
			Rotate             bool     `json:"rotate,omitempty"`
			Mirror             bool     `json:"mirror,omitempty"`
			Finetuning         bool     `json:"finetuning,omitempty"`
			DB                 bool     `json:"db,omitempty"`
			ScalingTemperature float64  `json:"scaling_temperature,omitempty"`
			Loss               string   `json:"loss,omitempty"`
			// Noise - images only
			Prob         float64 `json:"prob,omitempty"`
			AllEffects   bool    `json:"all_effects,omitempty"`
			Decolorize   bool    `json:"decolorize,omitempty"`
			HistEQ       bool    `json:"hist_eq,omitempty"`
			Inverse      bool    `json:"inverse,omitempty"`
			GaussBlur    bool    `json:"gauss_blur,omitempty"`
			Posterize    bool    `json:"posterize,omitempty"`
			Erode        bool    `json:"erode,omitempty"`
			Saltpepper   bool    `json:"saltpepper,omitempty"`
			Clahe        bool    `json:"clahe,omitempty"`
			ConvertToHSV bool    `json:"convert_to_hsv,omitempty"`
			ConvertToLAB bool    `json:"convert_to_lab,omitempty"`
			// Distort - images only
			Brightness     bool `json:"brightness,omitempty"`
			Contrast       bool `json:"contrast,omitempty"`
			Saturation     bool `json:"saturation,omitempty"`
			HUE            bool `json:"HUE,omitempty"`
			RandomOrdering bool `json:"random ordering,omitempty,omitempty"`
			// TensorFlow
			InputLayer  string `json:"inputlayer,omitempty"`
			OutputLayer string `json:"outputlayer,omitempty"`
			// Memory
			Datatype         string `json:"datatype,omitempty"`
			MaxBatchSize     int    `json:"maxBatchSize,omitempty"`
			MaxWorkspaceSize int    `json:"maxWorkspaceSize,omitempty"`
		} `json:"mllib,omitempty"`
		Output struct {
			StoreConfig bool `json:"store_config,omitempty"`
		} `json:"output,omitempty"`
	} `json:"parameters,omitempty"`

ServiceRequest hold data for the service creation request See: https://deepdetect.com/api/#create-a-service

type Status

type Status struct {
	Status struct {
		Code int    `json:"code,omitempty"`
		Msg  string `json:"msg,omitempty"`
	} `json:"status,omitempty"`

Status struct storing requests execution results

func CreateService

func CreateService(host string, service *ServiceRequest) (result *Status, err error)

CreateService create a service using the /services endpoint, it takes the host and a *ServiceRequest as input and return a *CreationResult structure.

func DeleteService

func DeleteService(host string, service string) (status *Status, err error)

DeleteService delete a service using the /services/<service_name> endpoint, it takes the host and a service name as input and return a *Status structure.


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