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A tool to analyze and troubleshoot a Go binary size.

For more, see this blog post

✅ Get a breakdown of all modules inside a binary
✅ Supports Go 1.11 modules
✅ Output as JSON for tracking and/or monitoring as part of CI

Quick Start

With Go Modules - Go 1.11 or higher
$ go get github.com/jondot/goweight
$ cd current-project
$ goweight
Without Go Modules - Before Go 1.11
$ git clone https://github.com/jondot/goweight
$ cd goweight
$ go install

$ cd current-project
$ goweight

As an example, here's what goweight has to say about itself:

$ ./goweight
  3.0 MB runtime
  1.6 MB net
  1.4 MB reflect
  1.3 MB gopkg.in/alecthomas/kingpin.v2
  870 kB math/big
  668 kB github.com/alecthomas/template
  628 kB syscall
  626 kB text/template
  550 kB go/ast
  546 kB encoding/json
  509 kB text/template/parse
  495 kB github.com/alecthomas/template/parse
  424 kB time
  402 kB regexp/syntax
  395 kB golang_org/x/net/dns/dnsmessage
  388 kB fmt

To all Contributors - you make this happen, thanks!

Copyright (c) 2018 @jondot. See LICENSE for further details.


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