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func Subscribe

func Subscribe(ctx context.Context, handler EventHandler, events ...EventType) error

Subscribe the IPC connection to the events listed in the payload

type BarConfig

type BarConfig struct {
	ID                   string          `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Mode                 string          `json:"mode,omitempty"`
	Position             string          `json:"position,omitempty"`
	StatusCommand        string          `json:"status_command,omitempty"`
	Font                 string          `json:"font,omitempty"`
	WorkspaceButtons     bool            `json:"workspace_buttons,omitempty"`
	BindingModeIndicator bool            `json:"binding_mode_indicator,omitempty"`
	Verbose              bool            `json:"verbose,omitempty"`
	Colors               BarConfigColors `json:"colors,omitempty"`
	Gaps                 BarConfigGaps   `json:"gaps,omitempty"`
	BarHeight            int64           `json:"bar_height,omitempty"`
	StatusPadding        int64           `json:"status_padding,omitempty"`
	StatusEdgePadding    int64           `json:"status_edge_padding,omitempty"`

type BarConfigColors

type BarConfigColors struct {
	Background              string `json:"background,omitempty"`
	Statusline              string `json:"statusline,omitempty"`
	Separator               string `json:"separator,omitempty"`
	FocusedBackground       string `json:"focused_background,omitempty"`
	FocusedStatusline       string `json:"focused_statusline,omitempty"`
	FocusedSeparator        string `json:"focused_separator,omitempty"`
	FocusedWorkspaceText    string `json:"focused_workspace_text,omitempty"`
	FocusedWorkspaceBG      string `json:"focused_workspace_bg,omitempty"`
	FocusedWorkspaceBorder  string `json:"focused_workspace_border,omitempty"`
	ActiveWorkspaceText     string `json:"active_workspace_text,omitempty"`
	ActiveWorkspaceBG       string `json:"active_workspace_bg,omitempty"`
	ActiveWorkspaceBorder   string `json:"active_workspace_border,omitempty"`
	InactiveWorkspaceText   string `json:"inactive_workspace_text,omitempty"`
	InactiveWorkspaceBG     string `json:"inactive_workspace_bg,omitempty"`
	InactiveWorkspaceBorder string `json:"inactive_workspace_border,omitempty"`
	UrgentWorkspaceText     string `json:"urgent_workspace_text,omitempty"`
	UrgentWorkspaceBG       string `json:"urgent_workspace_bg,omitempty"`
	UrgentWorkspaceBorder   string `json:"urgent_workspace_border,omitempty"`
	BindingModeText         string `json:"binding_mode_text,omitempty"`
	BindingModeBG           string `json:"binding_mode_bg,omitempty"`
	BindingModeBorder       string `json:"binding_mode_border,omitempty"`

type BarConfigGaps

type BarConfigGaps struct {
	Top    int64 `json:"top,omitempty"`
	Right  int64 `json:"right,omitempty"`
	Bottom int64 `json:"bottom,omitempty"`
	Left   int64 `json:"left,omitempty"`

type BarConfigUpdateEvent

type BarConfigUpdateEvent = BarConfig

BarConfigUpdateEvent is sent whenever a config for a bar changes. The event is identical to that of GET_BAR_CONFIG when a bar ID is given as a payload.

type BarStatusUpdateEvent

type BarStatusUpdateEvent struct {
	// The bar ID effected
	ID string `json:"id,omitempty"`

	// Whether the bar should be made visible due to a modifier being pressed
	VisibleByModifier bool `json:"visible_by_modifier,omitempty"`

BarStatusUpdateEvent is sent when the visibility of a bar changes due to a modifier being pressed

type Binding

type Binding struct {
	// The command associated with the binding
	Command string `json:"command,omitempty"`

	// An array of strings that correspond to each modifier key for the binding
	EventStateMask []string `json:"event_state_mask,omitempty"`

	// For keyboard bindcodes, this is the key code for the binding. For mouse
	// bindings, this is the X11 button number, if there is an equivalent. In
	// all other cases, this will be 0.
	InputCode int64 `json:"input_code,omitempty"`

	// For keyboard bindsyms, this is the bindsym for the binding. Otherwise,
	// this will be null
	Symbol *string `json:"symbol,omitempty"`

	// The input type that triggered the binding. This is either keyboard or
	// mouse
	InputType string `json:"input_type,omitempty"`

type BindingEvent

type BindingEvent struct {
	// Currently this will only be run
	Change  string  `json:"change,omitempty"`
	Binding Binding `json:"binding,omitempty"`

BindingEvent is sent whenever a binding is executed

type Client

type Client interface {
	// Runs the payload as sway commands
	RunCommand(context.Context, string) ([]RunCommandReply, error)

	// Get the list of current workspaces
	GetWorkspaces(context.Context) ([]Workspace, error)

	// Get the list of current outputs
	GetOutputs(context.Context) ([]Output, error)

	// Get the node layout tree
	GetTree(context.Context) (*Node, error)

	// Get the names of all the marks currently set
	GetMarks(context.Context) ([]string, error)

	// Get the list of configured bar IDs
	GetBarIDs(context.Context) ([]string, error)

	// Get the specified bar config
	GetBarConfig(context.Context, string) (*BarConfig, error)

	// Get the version of sway that owns the IPC socket
	GetVersion(context.Context) (*Version, error)

	// Get the list of binding mode names
	GetBindingModes(context.Context) ([]string, error)

	// Returns the config that was last loaded
	GetConfig(context.Context) (*Config, error)

	// Sends a tick event with the specified payload
	SendTick(context.Context, string) (*TickReply, error)

	// Get the list of input devices
	GetInputs(context.Context) ([]Input, error)

	// Get the list of seats
	GetSeats(context.Context) ([]Seat, error)

A Client provides simple communication with the sway IPC

func New

func New(ctx context.Context, opts ...Option) (_ Client, err error)

New returns a Client configured to connect to $SWAYSOCK

type Config

type Config struct {
	Config string `json:"config,omitempty"`

type EventHandler

type EventHandler interface {
	Workspace(context.Context, WorkspaceEvent)
	Mode(context.Context, ModeEvent)
	Window(context.Context, WindowEvent)
	BarConfigUpdate(context.Context, BarConfigUpdateEvent)
	Binding(context.Context, BindingEvent)
	Shutdown(context.Context, ShutdownEvent)
	Tick(context.Context, TickEvent)
	BarStatusUpdate(context.Context, BarStatusUpdateEvent)

An EventHandler is passed to Subscribe and its methods are called in response to sway events

func NoOpEventHandler

func NoOpEventHandler() EventHandler

NoOpEventHandler is used to help provide empty methods that aren't intended to be handled by Subscribe

type handler struct {

func (h handler) Window(ctx context.Context, e sway.WindowEvent) {

func main() {
	h := handler{
		EventHandler: sway.NoOpEventHandler(),

	ctx := context.Background()

	sway.Subscribe(ctx, h, sway.EventTypeWindow)

type EventType

type EventType string

EventType is used to choose which events to Subscribe to

const (
	// EventTypeWorkspace is sent whenever an event involving a workspace occurs
	// such as initialization of a new workspace or a different workspace gains
	// focus
	EventTypeWorkspace EventType = "workspace"

	// EventTypeMode is sent whenever the binding mode changes
	EventTypeMode EventType = "mode"

	// EventTypeWindow is sent whenever an event involving a view occurs such as
	// being reparented, focused, or closed
	EventTypeWindow EventType = "window"

	// EventTypeBarConfigUpdate is sent whenever a bar config changes
	EventTypeBarConfigUpdate EventType = "barconfig_update"

	// EventTypeBinding is sent when a configured binding is executed
	EventTypeBinding EventType = "binding"

	// EventTypeShutdown is sent when the ipc shuts down because sway is exiting
	EventTypeShutdown EventType = "shutdown"

	// EventTypeTick is sent when an ipc client sends a SEND_TICK message
	EventTypeTick EventType = "tick"

	//EventTypeBarStatusUpdate send when the visibility of a bar should change
	//due to a modifier
	EventTypeBarStatusUpdate EventType = "bar_status_update"

type Input

type Input struct {
	Identifier          string    `json:"identifier,omitempty"`
	Name                string    `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Vendor              int64     `json:"vendor,omitempty"`
	Product             int64     `json:"product,omitempty"`
	Type                string    `json:"type,omitempty"`
	XKBActiveLayoutName *string   `json:"xkb_active_layout_name,omitempty"`
	LibInput            *LibInput `json:"libinput,omitempty"`

type LibInput

type LibInput struct {
	SendEvents      string  `json:"send_events,omitempty"`
	Tap             string  `json:"tap,omitempty"`
	TapButtonMap    string  `json:"tap_button_map,omitempty"`
	TapDrag         string  `json:"tap_drag,omitempty"`
	TapDragLock     string  `json:"tap_drag_lock,omitempty"`
	AccelSpeed      float64 `json:"accel_speed,omitempty"`
	AccelProfile    string  `json:"accel_profile,omitempty"`
	NaturalScroll   string  `json:"natural_scroll,omitempty"`
	LeftHanded      string  `json:"left_handed,omitempty"`
	ClickMethod     string  `json:"click_method,omitempty"`
	MiddleEmulation string  `json:"middle_emulation,omitempty"`
	ScrollMethod    string  `json:"scroll_method,omitempty"`
	ScrollButton    int64   `json:"scroll_button,omitempty"`
	DWT             string  `json:"dwt,omitempty"`

type ModeEvent

type ModeEvent struct {
	// The binding mode that became active
	Change string `json:"change,omitempty"`

	// Whether the mode should be parsed as pango markup
	PangoMarkup bool `json:"pango_markup,omitempty"`

ModeEvent is sent whenever the binding mode changes

type Node

type Node struct {
	ID                 int64             `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Name               string            `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Type               string            `json:"type,omitempty"`
	Border             string            `json:"border,omitempty"`
	CurrentBorderWidth int64             `json:"current_border_width,omitempty"`
	Layout             string            `json:"layout,omitempty"`
	Percent            *float64          `json:"percent,omitempty"`
	Rect               Rect              `json:"rect,omitempty"`
	WindowRect         Rect              `json:"window_rect,omitempty"`
	DecoRect           Rect              `json:"deco_rect,omitempty"`
	Geometry           Rect              `json:"geometry,omitempty"`
	Urgent             *bool             `json:"urgent,omitempty"`
	Focused            bool              `json:"focused,omitempty"`
	Focus              []int64           `json:"focus,omitempty"`
	Nodes              []*Node           `json:"nodes,omitempty"`
	FloatingNodes      []*Node           `json:"floating_nodes,omitempty"`
	Representation     *string           `json:"representation,omitempty"`
	AppID              *string           `json:"app_id,omitempty"`
	PID                *uint32           `json:"pid,omitempty"`
	Window             *int64            `json:"window,omitempty"`
	WindowProperties   *WindowProperties `json:"window_properties,omitempty"`

func (*Node) FocusedNode

func (n *Node) FocusedNode() *Node

FocusedNode traverses the node tree and returns the focused node

type Option

type Option func(*client)

Option can be passed to New to specify runtime configuration settings

func WithSocketPath

func WithSocketPath(socketPath string) Option

WithSocketPath explicitly sets the sway socket path so it isn't read from $SWAYSOCK

type Output

type Output struct {
	Name             string       `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Make             string       `json:"make,omitempty"`
	Model            string       `json:"model,omitempty"`
	Serial           string       `json:"serial,omitempty"`
	Active           bool         `json:"active,omitempty"`
	Primary          bool         `json:"primary,omitempty"`
	Scale            float64      `json:"scale,omitempty"`
	Transform        string       `json:"transform,omitempty"`
	CurrentWorkspace string       `json:"current_workspace,omitempty"`
	Modes            []OutputMode `json:"modes,omitempty"`
	CurrentMode      OutputMode   `json:"current_mode,omitempty"`
	Rect             Rect         `json:"rect,omitempty"`

type OutputMode

type OutputMode struct {
	Width   int64   `json:"width,omitempty"`
	Height  int64   `json:"height,omitempty"`
	Refresh Refresh `json:"refresh,omitempty"`

type Rect

type Rect struct {
	X      int64 `json:"x,omitempty"`
	Y      int64 `json:"y,omitempty"`
	Width  int64 `json:"width,omitempty"`
	Height int64 `json:"height,omitempty"`

type Refresh

type Refresh float64

func (*Refresh) UnmarshalJSON

func (r *Refresh) UnmarshalJSON(raw []byte) error

type RunCommandReply

type RunCommandReply struct {
	Success bool   `json:"success,omitempty"`
	Error   string `json:"error,omitempty"`

type Seat

type Seat struct {
	Name         string  `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Capabilities int64   `json:"capabilities,omitempty"`
	Focus        int64   `json:"focus,omitempty"`
	Devices      []Input `json:"devices,omitempty"`

type ShutdownEvent

type ShutdownEvent struct {
	// A string containing the reason for the shutdown.  Currently, the only
	// value for change is exit, which is issued when sway is exiting.
	Change string `json:"change,omitempty"`

ShutdownEvent is sent whenever the IPC is shutting down

type TickEvent

type TickEvent struct {
	// Whether this event was triggered by subscribing to the tick events
	First bool `json:"first,omitempty"`

	// The payload given with a SEND_TICK message, if any. Otherwise, an empty
	// string
	Payload string `json:"payload,omitempty"`

TickEvent is sent when first subscribing to tick events or by a SEND_TICK message

type TickReply

type TickReply struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

type Version

type Version struct {
	Major                int64  `json:"major,omitempty"`
	Minor                int64  `json:"minor,omitempty"`
	Patch                int64  `json:"patch,omitempty"`
	HumanReadable        string `json:"human_readable,omitempty"`
	LoadedConfigFileName string `json:"loaded_config_file_name,omitempty"`

type WindowEvent

type WindowEvent struct {
	// The type of change that occurred
	// The following change types are currently available:
	// new:             The view was created
	// close:           The view was closed
	// focus:           The view was focused
	// title:           The view's title has changed
	// fullscreen_mode: The view's fullscreen mode has changed
	// move:            The view has been reparented in the tree
	// floating:        The view has become floating or is no longer floating
	// urgent:          The view's urgency hint has changed status
	// mark:            A mark has been added or removed from the view
	Change string `json:"change,omitempty"`

	// An object representing the view effected
	Container Node `json:"container,omitempty"`

WindowEvent is sent whenever a change involving a view occurs

type WindowProperties

type WindowProperties struct {
	Title        string `json:"title,omitempty"`
	Instance     string `json:"instance,omitempty"`
	Class        string `json:"class,omitempty"`
	Role         string `json:"window_role,omitempty"`
	TransientFor int64  `json:"transient_for,omitempty"`

type Workspace

type Workspace struct {
	Num     int64  `json:"num,omitempty"`
	Name    string `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Visible bool   `json:"visible,omitempty"`
	Focused bool   `json:"focused,omitempty"`
	Urgent  bool   `json:"urgent,omitempty"`
	Rect    Rect   `json:"rect,omitempty"`
	Output  string `json:"output,omitempty"`

type WorkspaceEvent

type WorkspaceEvent struct {
	// The type of change that occurred
	// The following change types are currently available:
	// init:   the workspace was created
	// empty:  the workspace is empty and is being destroyed since it is not
	//         visible
	// focus:  the workspace was focused. See the old property for the previous
	//         focus
	// move:   the workspace was moved to a different output
	// rename: the workspace was renamed
	// urgent: a view on the workspace has had their urgency hint set or all
	//         urgency hints for views on the workspace have been cleared
	// reload: The configuration file has been reloaded
	Change string `json:"change,omitempty"`

	// An object representing the workspace effected or null for reload changes
	Current *Node `json:"current,omitempty"`

	// For a focus change, this is will be an object representing the workspace
	// being switched from. Otherwise, it is null
	Old *Node `json:"old,omitempty"`

WorkspaceEvent is sent whenever a change involving a workspace occurs

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