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type CA

type CA struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CA is a simple CA implementation backed by the Kubernetes API server. A secret resource is used to store a CA public and private key that is then used to sign certificates.

func (*CA) Issue

func (c *CA) Issue(ctx context.Context, crt *v1alpha1.Certificate) (*issuer.IssueResponse, error)

Issue will issue a certificate using the CA issuer contained in CA. It uses the 'Ready' status condition to convey the majority of failures, and treats them all as errors to be retried. If there are any failures, they are likely caused by missing or invalid supporting resources, and to ensure we re-attempt issuance when these resources are fixed, it always returns an error on any failure.

func (*CA) Setup

func (c *CA) Setup(ctx context.Context) error

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