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func NewVenafi

func NewVenafi(ctx *controller.Context, issuer cmapi.GenericIssuer) (issuer.Interface, error)


type Venafi

type Venafi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Venafi is a implementation of govcert library to manager certificates from TPP or Venafi Cloud

func (*Venafi) Issue

Issue will attempt to issue a new certificate from the Venafi Issuer. The control flow is as follows: - Attempt to retrieve the existing private key

  • If it does not exist, generate one

- Generate a certificate template - Read the zone configuration from the Venafi server - Create a Venafi request based on the certificate template - Set defaults on the request based on the zone - Validate the request against the zone - Submit the request - Wait for the request to be fulfilled and the certificate to be available

func (*Venafi) Setup

func (v *Venafi) Setup(ctx context.Context) error

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