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Published: Jan 12, 2018 License: MIT Imports: 21 Imported by: 125


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Sidekiq compatible background workers in golang.

  • reliable queueing for all queues using brpoplpush
  • handles retries
  • support custom middleware
  • customize concurrency per queue
  • responds to Unix signals to safely wait for jobs to finish before exiting.
  • provides stats on what jobs are currently running
  • well tested

Example usage:

package main

import (

func myJob(message *workers.Msg) {
  // do something with your message
  // message.Jid()
  // message.Args() is a wrapper around go-simplejson (

type myMiddleware struct{}

func (r *myMiddleware) Call(queue string, message *workers.Msg, next func() bool) (acknowledge bool) {
  // do something before each message is processed
  acknowledge = next()
  // do something after each message is processed

func main() {
    // location of redis instance
    "server":  "localhost:6379",
    // instance of the database
    "database":  "0",
    // number of connections to keep open with redis
    "pool":    "30",
    // unique process id for this instance of workers (for proper recovery of inprogress jobs on crash)
    "process": "1",


  // pull messages from "myqueue" with concurrency of 10
  workers.Process("myqueue", myJob, 10)

  // pull messages from "myqueue2" with concurrency of 20
  workers.Process("myqueue2", myJob, 20)

  // Add a job to a queue
  workers.Enqueue("myqueue3", "Add", []int{1, 2})

  // Add a job to a queue with retry
  workers.EnqueueWithOptions("myqueue3", "Add", []int{1, 2}, workers.EnqueueOptions{Retry: true})

  // stats will be available at http://localhost:8080/stats
  go workers.StatsServer(8080)

  // Blocks until process is told to exit via unix signal

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const (
	LAYOUT            = "2006-01-02 15:04:05 MST"
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const (
	RETRY_KEY          = "goretry"
	SCHEDULED_JOBS_KEY = "schedule"
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const (
	NanoSecondPrecision = 1000000000.0


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var Config *config


func BeforeStart

func BeforeStart(f func())

func Configure

func Configure(options map[string]string)

func DuringDrain

func DuringDrain(f func())

func Enqueue

func Enqueue(queue, class string, args interface{}) (string, error)

func EnqueueAt

func EnqueueAt(queue, class string, at time.Time, args interface{}) (string, error)

func EnqueueIn

func EnqueueIn(queue, class string, in float64, args interface{}) (string, error)

func EnqueueWithOptions

func EnqueueWithOptions(queue, class string, args interface{}, opts EnqueueOptions) (string, error)

func Process

func Process(queue string, job jobFunc, concurrency int, mids ...Action)

func Quit

func Quit()

func ResetManagers

func ResetManagers() error

func Run

func Run()

func Start

func Start()

func Stats

func Stats(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

func StatsServer

func StatsServer(port int)


type Action

type Action interface {
	Call(queue string, message *Msg, next func() bool) bool

type Args

type Args struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (Args) Equals

func (d Args) Equals(other interface{}) bool

func (Args) ToJson

func (d Args) ToJson() string

type EnqueueData

type EnqueueData struct {
	Queue      string      `json:"queue,omitempty"`
	Class      string      `json:"class"`
	Args       interface{} `json:"args"`
	Jid        string      `json:"jid"`
	EnqueuedAt float64     `json:"enqueued_at"`

type EnqueueOptions

type EnqueueOptions struct {
	RetryCount int     `json:"retry_count,omitempty"`
	Retry      bool    `json:"retry,omitempty"`
	At         float64 `json:"at,omitempty"`

type Fetcher

type Fetcher interface {
	Queue() string
	Ready() chan bool
	FinishedWork() chan bool
	Messages() chan *Msg
	Closed() bool

func NewFetch

func NewFetch(queue string, messages chan *Msg, ready chan bool) Fetcher

type MiddlewareLogging

type MiddlewareLogging struct{}

func (*MiddlewareLogging) Call

func (l *MiddlewareLogging) Call(queue string, message *Msg, next func() bool) (acknowledge bool)

type MiddlewareRetry

type MiddlewareRetry struct{}

func (*MiddlewareRetry) Call

func (r *MiddlewareRetry) Call(queue string, message *Msg, next func() bool) (acknowledge bool)

type MiddlewareStats

type MiddlewareStats struct{}

func (*MiddlewareStats) Call

func (l *MiddlewareStats) Call(queue string, message *Msg, next func() bool) (acknowledge bool)

type Middlewares

type Middlewares struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMiddleware

func NewMiddleware(actions ...Action) *Middlewares

func (*Middlewares) Append

func (m *Middlewares) Append(action Action)

func (*Middlewares) Prepend

func (m *Middlewares) Prepend(action Action)

type Msg

type Msg struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMsg

func NewMsg(content string) (*Msg, error)

func (*Msg) Args

func (m *Msg) Args() *Args

func (Msg) Equals

func (d Msg) Equals(other interface{}) bool

func (*Msg) Jid

func (m *Msg) Jid() string

func (*Msg) OriginalJson

func (m *Msg) OriginalJson() string

func (Msg) ToJson

func (d Msg) ToJson() string

type WorkersLogger

type WorkersLogger interface {
	Printf(string, ...interface{})
var Logger WorkersLogger = log.New(os.Stdout, "workers: ", log.Ldate|log.Lmicroseconds)

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