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const (
	// ChunkSize is size of a chunk
	ChunkSize = 1 << 26 // 64M
	// DeleteChunk is a message to delete a chunk from object store.
	DeleteChunk = 1000
	// CompactChunk is a message to compact a chunk in object store.
	CompactChunk = 1001
	// Rmr is a message to remove a directory recursively.
	Rmr = 1002
	// Info is a message to get the internal info for file or directory.
	Info = 1003
	// FillCache is a message to build cache for target directories/files
	FillCache = 1004
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const (
	TypeFile      = 1 // type for regular file
	TypeDirectory = 2 // type for directory
	TypeSymlink   = 3 // type for symlink
	TypeFIFO      = 4 // type for FIFO node
	TypeBlockDev  = 5 // type for block device
	TypeCharDev   = 6 // type for character device
	TypeSocket    = 7 // type for socket
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const (
	RenameNoReplace = 1 << iota
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const (
	// SetAttrMode is a mask to update a attribute of node
	SetAttrMode = 1 << iota
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const (
	F_UNLCK = syscall.F_UNLCK
	F_RDLCK = syscall.F_RDLCK
	F_WRLCK = syscall.F_WRLCK
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const (
	XattrCreateOrReplace = 0
	XattrCreate          = sys.XATTR_CREATE
	XattrReplace         = sys.XATTR_REPLACE
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const ENOATTR = syscall.ENODATA


This section is empty.


func GetSummary added in v0.13.0

func GetSummary(r Meta, ctx Context, inode Ino, summary *Summary) syscall.Errno

func InitMetrics added in v0.12.0

func InitMetrics()

func Register added in v0.16.1

func Register(name string, register Creator)

func Remove added in v0.13.0

func Remove(r Meta, ctx Context, parent Ino, name string) syscall.Errno


type Attr

type Attr struct {
	Flags     uint8  // reserved flags
	Typ       uint8  // type of a node
	Mode      uint16 // permission mode
	Uid       uint32 // owner id
	Gid       uint32 // group id of owner
	Atime     int64  // last access time
	Mtime     int64  // last modified time
	Ctime     int64  // last change time for meta
	Atimensec uint32 // nanosecond part of atime
	Mtimensec uint32 // nanosecond part of mtime
	Ctimensec uint32 // nanosecond part of ctime
	Nlink     uint32 // number of links (sub-directories or hardlinks)
	Length    uint64 // length of regular file
	Rdev      uint32 // device number

	Parent    Ino  // inode of parent, only for Directory
	Full      bool // the attributes are completed or not
	KeepCache bool // whether to keep the cached page or not

Attr represents attributes of a node.

func (Attr) SMode

func (a Attr) SMode() uint32

SMode is the file mode including type and unix permission.

type Config

type Config struct {
	Strict      bool // update ctime
	Retries     int
	CaseInsensi bool
	ReadOnly    bool
	OpenCache   time.Duration
	MountPoint  string
	Subdir      string

Config for clients.

type Context

type Context interface {
	Gid() uint32
	Gids() []uint32
	Uid() uint32
	Pid() uint32
	WithValue(k, v interface{})
	Canceled() bool
var Background Context = emptyContext{context.Background()}

func NewContext added in v0.10.0

func NewContext(pid, uid uint32, gids []uint32) Context

type Creator added in v0.16.1

type Creator func(driver, addr string, conf *Config) (Meta, error)

type CtxKey added in v0.10.0

type CtxKey string

type DumpedAttr added in v0.15.0

type DumpedAttr struct {
	Inode     Ino    `json:"inode"`
	Type      string `json:"type"`
	Mode      uint16 `json:"mode"`
	Uid       uint32 `json:"uid"`
	Gid       uint32 `json:"gid"`
	Atime     int64  `json:"atime"`
	Mtime     int64  `json:"mtime"`
	Ctime     int64  `json:"ctime"`
	Atimensec uint32 `json:"atimensec"`
	Mtimensec uint32 `json:"mtimensec"`
	Ctimensec uint32 `json:"ctimensec"`
	Nlink     uint32 `json:"nlink"`
	Length    uint64 `json:"length"`
	Rdev      uint32 `json:"rdev,omitempty"`

type DumpedChunk added in v0.15.0

type DumpedChunk struct {
	Index  uint32         `json:"index"`
	Slices []*DumpedSlice `json:"slices"`

type DumpedCounters added in v0.15.0

type DumpedCounters struct {
	UsedSpace         int64 `json:"usedSpace"`
	UsedInodes        int64 `json:"usedInodes"`
	NextInode         int64 `json:"nextInodes"`
	NextChunk         int64 `json:"nextChunk"`
	NextSession       int64 `json:"nextSession"`
	NextCleanupSlices int64 `json:"nextCleanupSlices"` // deprecated, always 0

type DumpedDelFile added in v0.15.0

type DumpedDelFile struct {
	Inode  Ino    `json:"inode"`
	Length uint64 `json:"length"`
	Expire int64  `json:"expire"`

type DumpedEntry added in v0.15.0

type DumpedEntry struct {
	Name    string                  `json:"-"`
	Parent  Ino                     `json:"-"`
	Attr    *DumpedAttr             `json:"attr"`
	Symlink string                  `json:"symlink,omitempty"`
	Xattrs  []*DumpedXattr          `json:"xattrs,omitempty"`
	Chunks  []*DumpedChunk          `json:"chunks,omitempty"`
	Entries map[string]*DumpedEntry `json:"entries,omitempty"`

type DumpedMeta added in v0.15.0

type DumpedMeta struct {
	Setting   *Format
	Counters  *DumpedCounters
	Sustained []*DumpedSustained
	DelFiles  []*DumpedDelFile
	FSTree    *DumpedEntry `json:",omitempty"`

type DumpedSlice added in v0.15.0

type DumpedSlice struct {
	Pos     uint32 `json:"pos"`
	Chunkid uint64 `json:"chunkid"`
	Size    uint32 `json:"size"`
	Off     uint32 `json:"off"`
	Len     uint32 `json:"len"`

type DumpedSustained added in v0.15.0

type DumpedSustained struct {
	Sid    uint64 `json:"sid"`
	Inodes []Ino  `json:"inodes"`

type DumpedXattr added in v0.15.0

type DumpedXattr struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

type Entry

type Entry struct {
	Inode Ino
	Name  []byte
	Attr  *Attr

Entry is an entry inside a directory.

type Flock added in v0.14.1

type Flock struct {
	Inode Ino
	Owner uint64
	Ltype string

type Format

type Format struct {
	Name        string
	UUID        string
	Storage     string
	Bucket      string
	AccessKey   string
	SecretKey   string `json:",omitempty"`
	BlockSize   int
	Compression string
	Shards      int
	Partitions  int
	Capacity    uint64
	Inodes      uint64
	EncryptKey  string `json:",omitempty"`

func (*Format) RemoveSecret added in v0.16.1

func (f *Format) RemoveSecret()

type Ino

type Ino uint64

func (Ino) String added in v0.9.2

func (i Ino) String() string

type Meta

type Meta interface {
	// Name of database
	Name() string
	// Init is used to initialize a meta service.
	Init(format Format, force bool) error
	// Load loads the existing setting of a formatted volume from meta service.
	Load() (*Format, error)
	// NewSession creates a new client session.
	NewSession() error
	// CloseSession does cleanup and close the session.
	CloseSession() error
	// GetSession retrieves information of session with sid
	GetSession(sid uint64) (*Session, error)
	// ListSessions returns all client sessions.
	ListSessions() ([]*Session, error)

	// StatFS returns summary statistics of a volume.
	StatFS(ctx Context, totalspace, availspace, iused, iavail *uint64) syscall.Errno
	// Access checks the access permission on given inode.
	Access(ctx Context, inode Ino, modemask uint8, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Lookup returns the inode and attributes for the given entry in a directory.
	Lookup(ctx Context, parent Ino, name string, inode *Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Resolve fetches the inode and attributes for an entry identified by the given path.
	// ENOTSUP will be returned if there's no natural implementation for this operation or
	// if there are any symlink following involved.
	Resolve(ctx Context, parent Ino, path string, inode *Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// GetAttr returns the attributes for given node.
	GetAttr(ctx Context, inode Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// SetAttr updates the attributes for given node.
	SetAttr(ctx Context, inode Ino, set uint16, sggidclearmode uint8, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Truncate changes the length for given file.
	Truncate(ctx Context, inode Ino, flags uint8, attrlength uint64, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Fallocate preallocate given space for given file.
	Fallocate(ctx Context, inode Ino, mode uint8, off uint64, size uint64) syscall.Errno
	// ReadLink returns the target of a symlink.
	ReadLink(ctx Context, inode Ino, path *[]byte) syscall.Errno
	// Symlink creates a symlink in a directory with given name.
	Symlink(ctx Context, parent Ino, name string, path string, inode *Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Mknod creates a node in a directory with given name, type and permissions.
	Mknod(ctx Context, parent Ino, name string, _type uint8, mode uint16, cumask uint16, rdev uint32, inode *Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Mkdir creates a sub-directory with given name and mode.
	Mkdir(ctx Context, parent Ino, name string, mode uint16, cumask uint16, copysgid uint8, inode *Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Unlink removes a file entry from a directory.
	// The file will be deleted if it's not linked by any entries and not open by any sessions.
	Unlink(ctx Context, parent Ino, name string) syscall.Errno
	// Rmdir removes an empty sub-directory.
	Rmdir(ctx Context, parent Ino, name string) syscall.Errno
	// Rename move an entry from a source directory to another with given name.
	// The targeted entry will be overwrited if it's a file or empty directory.
	// For Hadoop, the target should not be overwritten.
	Rename(ctx Context, parentSrc Ino, nameSrc string, parentDst Ino, nameDst string, flags uint32, inode *Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Link creates an entry for node.
	Link(ctx Context, inodeSrc, parent Ino, name string, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Readdir returns all entries for given directory, which include attributes if plus is true.
	Readdir(ctx Context, inode Ino, wantattr uint8, entries *[]*Entry) syscall.Errno
	// Create creates a file in a directory with given name.
	Create(ctx Context, parent Ino, name string, mode uint16, cumask uint16, flags uint32, inode *Ino, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Open checks permission on a node and track it as open.
	Open(ctx Context, inode Ino, flags uint32, attr *Attr) syscall.Errno
	// Close a file.
	Close(ctx Context, inode Ino) syscall.Errno
	// Read returns the list of slices on the given chunk.
	Read(ctx Context, inode Ino, indx uint32, chunks *[]Slice) syscall.Errno
	// NewChunk returns a new id for new data.
	NewChunk(ctx Context, inode Ino, indx uint32, offset uint32, chunkid *uint64) syscall.Errno
	// Write put a slice of data on top of the given chunk.
	Write(ctx Context, inode Ino, indx uint32, off uint32, slice Slice) syscall.Errno
	// InvalidateChunkCache invalidate chunk cache
	InvalidateChunkCache(ctx Context, inode Ino, indx uint32) syscall.Errno
	// CopyFileRange copies part of a file to another one.
	CopyFileRange(ctx Context, fin Ino, offIn uint64, fout Ino, offOut uint64, size uint64, flags uint32, copied *uint64) syscall.Errno

	// GetXattr returns the value of extended attribute for given name.
	GetXattr(ctx Context, inode Ino, name string, vbuff *[]byte) syscall.Errno
	// ListXattr returns all extended attributes of a node.
	ListXattr(ctx Context, inode Ino, dbuff *[]byte) syscall.Errno
	// SetXattr update the extended attribute of a node.
	SetXattr(ctx Context, inode Ino, name string, value []byte, flags uint32) syscall.Errno
	// RemoveXattr removes the extended attribute of a node.
	RemoveXattr(ctx Context, inode Ino, name string) syscall.Errno
	// Flock tries to put a lock on given file.
	Flock(ctx Context, inode Ino, owner uint64, ltype uint32, block bool) syscall.Errno
	// Getlk returns the current lock owner for a range on a file.
	Getlk(ctx Context, inode Ino, owner uint64, ltype *uint32, start, end *uint64, pid *uint32) syscall.Errno
	// Setlk sets a file range lock on given file.
	Setlk(ctx Context, inode Ino, owner uint64, block bool, ltype uint32, start, end uint64, pid uint32) syscall.Errno

	// Compact all the chunks by merge small slices together
	CompactAll(ctx Context) syscall.Errno
	// ListSlices returns all slices used by all files.
	ListSlices(ctx Context, slices *[]Slice, delete bool, showProgress func()) syscall.Errno

	// OnMsg add a callback for the given message type.
	OnMsg(mtype uint32, cb MsgCallback)

	DumpMeta(w io.Writer) error
	LoadMeta(r io.Reader) error

Meta is a interface for a meta service for file system.

func NewClient added in v0.13.0

func NewClient(uri string, conf *Config) Meta

NewClient creates a Meta client for given uri.

type MsgCallback

type MsgCallback func(...interface{}) error

MsgCallback is a callback for messages from meta service.

type Plock added in v0.14.1

type Plock struct {
	Inode   Ino
	Owner   uint64
	Records []byte // FIXME: loadLocks

type Session added in v0.14.1

type Session struct {
	Sid       uint64
	Heartbeat time.Time
	Sustained []Ino   `json:",omitempty"`
	Flocks    []Flock `json:",omitempty"`
	Plocks    []Plock `json:",omitempty"`

Session contains detailed information of a client session

type SessionInfo added in v0.14.1

type SessionInfo struct {
	Version    string
	Hostname   string
	MountPoint string
	ProcessID  int

type Slice

type Slice struct {
	Chunkid uint64
	Size    uint32
	Off     uint32
	Len     uint32

Slice is a slice of a chunk. Multiple slices could be combined together as a chunk.

type Summary added in v0.10.0

type Summary struct {
	Length uint64
	Size   uint64
	Files  uint64
	Dirs   uint64

Summary represents the total number of files/directories and total length of all files inside a directory.

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