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func IsUnhealthyMembersError

func IsUnhealthyMembersError(err error) bool

IsUnhealthyMembersError returns whether the cause of this error is that replica set members are unhealthy.

func NewUnhealthyMembersError

func NewUnhealthyMembersError(members []ReplicaSetMember) error

NewUnhealthyMembersError returns an error reporting the status of the given members.


type BackupFile

type BackupFile interface {
	// Metadata retrieves identifying information from the backup file
	// and returns it.
	Metadata() (BackupMetadata, error)

	// DumpDirectory returns the path of the database dump to be
	// restored.
	DumpDirectory() string

	// Close indicates the backup file is not needed anymore so any
	// temp space used can be freed.
	Close() error

BackupFile represents a specific backup file and provides methods for getting information from it.

type BackupMetadata

type BackupMetadata struct {
	// FormatVersion tells us which version of the backup structure
	// this file uses. If one wasn't specified in the file, it's
	// version 0.
	FormatVersion int64

	// ControllerModelUUID is the model UUID of the backed up
	// controller model.
	ControllerModelUUID string

	// JujuVersion is the Juju version of the controller from which
	// the backup was taken.
	JujuVersion version.Number

	// Series is the OS series the backup was taken on. This will
	// determine the version of mongo that's installed and will need
	// to match the restore target.
	Series string

	// BackupCreated stores when this backup was created.
	BackupCreated time.Time

	// Hostname stores the name of the machine that created the
	// backup.
	Hostname string

	// ContainsLogs will be true if this backup includes log
	// collections.
	ContainsLogs bool

	// ModelCount reports how many models are contained in the backup.
	ModelCount int

	// HANodes is the number of machines in the controller that was
	// backed up.
	HANodes int

BackupMetadata holds interesting information about a backup file.

type ControllerInfo

type ControllerInfo struct {
	// ControllerModelUUID is the controller model UUID for this controller.
	ControllerModelUUID string

	// JujuVersion is the version of Juju running on this controller.
	JujuVersion version.Number

	// Series is the OS series the controller is deployed on. Ths
	// determines what version of mongo is installed and whether we
	// can restore a given backup.
	Series string

	// HANodes is the count of controller machines.
	HANodes int

ControllerInfo holds identifying information about a Juju controller.

type ControllerNode

type ControllerNode interface {
	// IP returns IP address of the machine.
	IP() string

	// Ping checks connection to the controller machine.
	Ping() error

	// StopAgent stops jujud-machine-* service on the controller node.
	StopAgent() error

	// StartAgent starts jujud-machine-* service on the controller node.
	StartAgent() error

	// UpdateAgentVersion changes the tools symlink and agent.conf for
	// this machine to match the specified version.
	UpdateAgentVersion(version.Number) error

ControllerNode defines behavior for a controller node machine.

type ControllerNodeFactory

type ControllerNodeFactory func(member ReplicaSetMember) ControllerNode

ControllerNodeFactory gets a controller node machine from a replicaset member.

type Database

type Database interface {
	// ReplicaSet gets the status of the replica set and all members.
	ReplicaSet() (ReplicaSet, error)

	// ControllerInfo gets information about the controller that we
	// can compare to the backup file.
	ControllerInfo() (ControllerInfo, error)

	// RestoreFromDump restores the database dump in the directory
	// passed in to the database and writes progress logging to the
	// specified path.
	RestoreFromDump(dumpDir string, logFile string, includeStatusHistory bool) error

	// Close terminates the database connection.

Database represents a connection to MongoDB and abstracts the operations the core needs to apply as part of restoring a backup.

type PrecheckResult

type PrecheckResult struct {
	// BackupDate is the date the backup was finished.
	BackupDate time.Time

	// ControllerModelUUID is the controller model UUID from which
	// backup was taken.
	ControllerModelUUID string

	// BackupJujuVersion is the Juju version of the controller from which backup was taken.
	BackupJujuVersion version.Number

	// ControllerJujuVersion is the Juju version of the controller
	// we're restoring into. If it's greater than BackupJujuVersion
	// (disregarding build number) then restoring this version is also
	// a downgrade.
	ControllerJujuVersion version.Number

	// ModelCount is the count of models that this backup contains.
	ModelCount int

PrecheckResult contains the results of a pre-check run.

type ReplicaSet

type ReplicaSet struct {
	// Name of the replica set - this will be "juju" for replica sets
	// that juju has created.
	Name string

	// Members lists the nodes that make up the set.
	Members []ReplicaSetMember

ReplicaSet holds information about the members of a replica set and its status.

type ReplicaSetMember

type ReplicaSetMember struct {
	// ID is unique across the nodes.
	ID int

	// Name will contain the ip-address:port in the case of
	// Juju-created replica sets.
	Name string

	// Self will be true for the member we're currently connected to,
	// false for the others.
	Self bool

	// Healthy indicates whether there's some problem with the node.
	Healthy bool

	// State should be PRIMARY or SECONDARY, but if there's a problem
	// with the replica set it could be any one of the values listed
	// at
	State string

	// JujuMachineID has Juju machine ID for this controller node.
	// This information is needed when trying to manage Juju agents,
	// their config or any other artifacts created by Juju.
	JujuMachineID string

ReplicaSetMember holds status information about a database replica set member.

func (ReplicaSetMember) String

func (m ReplicaSetMember) String() string

String is part of Stringer.

type Restorer

type Restorer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Restorer checks the database health and backup file state and restores the backup file.

func NewRestorer

func NewRestorer(db Database, backup BackupFile, convert ControllerNodeFactory) (*Restorer, error)

NewRestorer returns a new restorer for a specific database and backup.

func (*Restorer) CheckDatabaseState

func (r *Restorer) CheckDatabaseState() error

CheckDatabaseState determines whether this database is appropriate for restoring into.

func (*Restorer) CheckRestorable

func (r *Restorer) CheckRestorable(allowDowngrade bool) (*PrecheckResult, error)

CheckRestorable checks whether the backup file can be restored into the target database.

func (*Restorer) CheckSecondaryControllerNodes

func (r *Restorer) CheckSecondaryControllerNodes() map[string]error

CheckSecondaryControllerNodes determines whether secondary controller nodes can be reached.

func (*Restorer) IsHA

func (r *Restorer) IsHA() bool

IsHA returns true of there is more than one member in replica set.

func (*Restorer) Restore

func (r *Restorer) Restore(logPath string, includeStatusHistory bool) error

Restore replaces the database's contents with the data from the backup's database dump.

func (*Restorer) StartAgents

func (r *Restorer) StartAgents(startSecondaries bool) map[string]error

StartAgents starts controller agents, jujud-machine-*. If stopSecondaries is true, these agents on other controller nodes will be started as well. The agents on the primary node are always started first.

func (*Restorer) StopAgents

func (r *Restorer) StopAgents(stopSecondaries bool) map[string]error

StopAgents stops controller agents, jujud-machine-*. If stopSecondaries is true, these agents on other controller nodes will be stopped as well. The agents on the primary node are always stopped last.

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