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type Action

type Action struct {
	ID         string
	Receiver   string
	Name       string
	Parameters map[string]interface{}

Action is a named task to execute on a unit or machine.

type ActionMessage

type ActionMessage struct {
	Timestamp time.Time
	Message   string

ActionMessage represents a logged message on an action.

type ActionResult

type ActionResult struct {
	Action    *Action
	Enqueued  time.Time
	Started   time.Time
	Completed time.Time
	Status    string
	Message   string
	Log       []ActionMessage
	Output    map[string]interface{}
	Error     error

ActionResult is the result of running an action.

type ActionSpec

type ActionSpec struct {
	Description string
	Params      map[string]interface{}

ActionSpec is a definition of the parameters and traits of an Action. The Params map is expected to conform to JSON-Schema Draft 4 as defined at (see

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client provides access to the action facade.

func NewClient

func NewClient(st base.APICallCloser) *Client

NewClient returns a new actions client.

func (*Client) Actions

func (c *Client) Actions(actionIDs []string) ([]ActionResult, error)

Actions takes a list of action IDs, and returns the full Action for each ID.

func (*Client) ApplicationCharmActions

func (c *Client) ApplicationCharmActions(appName string) (map[string]ActionSpec, error)

ApplicationCharmActions is a single query which uses ApplicationsCharmsActions to get the charm.Actions for a single Application by tag.

func (*Client) Cancel

func (c *Client) Cancel(actionIDs []string) ([]ActionResult, error)

Cancel attempts to cancel a queued up Action from running.

func (*Client) EnqueueOperation

func (c *Client) EnqueueOperation(actions []Action) (EnqueuedActions, error)

EnqueueOperation takes a list of Actions and queues them up to be executed as an operation, each action running as a task on the the designated ActionReceiver. We return the ID of the overall operation and each individual task.

func (*Client) ListOperations

func (c *Client) ListOperations(arg OperationQueryArgs) (Operations, error)

ListOperations fetches the operation summaries for specified apps/units.

func (*Client) Operation

func (c *Client) Operation(ID string) (Operation, error)

Operation fetches the operation with the specified ID.

func (*Client) Run

func (c *Client) Run(run RunParams) (EnqueuedActions, error)

Run the Commands specified on the machines identified through the ids provided in the machines, applications and units slices.

func (*Client) RunOnAllMachines

func (c *Client) RunOnAllMachines(commands string, timeout time.Duration) (EnqueuedActions, error)

RunOnAllMachines runs the command on all the machines with the specified timeout.

func (*Client) WatchActionProgress

func (c *Client) WatchActionProgress(actionId string) (watcher.StringsWatcher, error)

WatchActionProgress returns a watcher that reports on action log messages. The result strings are json formatted core.actions.ActionMessage objects.

type EnqueuedActions

type EnqueuedActions struct {
	OperationID string
	Actions     []ActionResult

EnqueuedActions represents the result of enqueuing actions to run.

type Facade

type Facade struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Facade allows calls to "ActionPruner" endpoints.

func NewPruner

func NewPruner(caller base.APICaller) *Facade

NewPruner builds a facade for the action pruner endpoints.

func (*Facade) Prune

func (s *Facade) Prune(maxHistoryTime time.Duration, maxHistoryMB int) error

Prune prunes action entries by specified age and size.

type Operation

type Operation struct {
	ID        string
	Summary   string
	Fail      string
	Enqueued  time.Time
	Started   time.Time
	Completed time.Time
	Status    string
	Actions   []ActionResult
	Error     error

Operation holds a list of actions run as part of the operation

type OperationQueryArgs

type OperationQueryArgs struct {
	Applications []string
	Units        []string
	Machines     []string
	ActionNames  []string
	Status       []string

	// These attributes are used to support client side
	// batching of results.
	Offset *int
	Limit  *int

OperationQueryArgs holds args for listing operations.

type Operations

type Operations struct {
	Operations []Operation
	Truncated  bool

Operations holds a list of operations and whether the list has been truncated (used for batch queries).

type RunParams

type RunParams struct {
	Commands       string
	Timeout        time.Duration
	Machines       []string
	Applications   []string
	Units          []string
	Parallel       *bool
	ExecutionGroup *string

	// WorkloadContext for CAAS is true when the Commands should be run on
	// the workload not the operator.
	WorkloadContext bool

RunParams is used to provide the parameters to the Run method.