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package cloudspec

v0.0.0 (4dcf1d7)
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type CloudSpecAPI

type CloudSpecAPI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CloudSpecAPI provides common client-side API functions to call into apiserver/common/cloudspec.CloudSpec.

func NewCloudSpecAPI

func NewCloudSpecAPI(facade base.FacadeCaller, modelTag names.ModelTag) *CloudSpecAPI

NewCloudSpecAPI creates a CloudSpecAPI using the provided FacadeCaller.

func (*CloudSpecAPI) CloudSpec

func (api *CloudSpecAPI) CloudSpec() (environs.CloudSpec, error)

CloudSpec returns the cloud specification for the model associated with the API facade.

func (*CloudSpecAPI) MakeCloudSpec

func (api *CloudSpecAPI) MakeCloudSpec(pSpec *params.CloudSpec) (environs.CloudSpec, error)

MakeCloudSpec creates an environs.CloudSpec from a params.CloudSpec that has been returned from the apiserver.

func (*CloudSpecAPI) WatchCloudSpecChanges

func (api *CloudSpecAPI) WatchCloudSpecChanges() (watcher.NotifyWatcher, error)

WatchCloudSpecChanges returns a NotifyWatcher waiting for the model's cloud to change.

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