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type Client

type Client struct {

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client provides methods that the Juju client command uses to interact with the Juju controller.

func NewClient

func NewClient(st base.APICallCloser) *Client

NewClient creates a new `Client` based on an existing authenticated API connection.

func (*Client) AllModels

func (c *Client) AllModels() ([]base.UserModel, error)

AllModels allows controller administrators to get the list of all the models in the controller.

func (*Client) CloudSpec

func (c *Client) CloudSpec(modelTag names.ModelTag) (environscloudspec.CloudSpec, error)

CloudSpec returns a CloudSpec for the specified model.

func (*Client) ConfigSet

func (c *Client) ConfigSet(values map[string]interface{}) error

ConfigSet updates the passed controller configuration values. Any settings that aren't passed will be left with their previous values.

func (*Client) ControllerVersion

func (c *Client) ControllerVersion() (ControllerVersion, error)

ControllerVersion fetches the controller version information.

func (*Client) DashboardArchives

func (c *Client) DashboardArchives() ([]params.DashboardArchiveVersion, error)

DashboardArchives retrieves information about Juju Dashboard archives currently present in the Juju controller.

func (*Client) DestroyController

func (c *Client) DestroyController(args DestroyControllerParams) error

DestroyController puts the controller model into a "dying" state, and removes all non-manager machine instances.

func (*Client) GetControllerAccess

func (c *Client) GetControllerAccess(user string) (permission.Access, error)

GetControllerAccess returns the access level the user has on the controller.

func (*Client) GrantController

func (c *Client) GrantController(user, access string) error

GrantController grants a user access to the controller.

func (*Client) HostedModelConfigs

func (c *Client) HostedModelConfigs() ([]HostedConfig, error)

HostedModelsConfig returns all model settings for the controller model.

func (*Client) IdentityProviderURL

func (c *Client) IdentityProviderURL() (string, error)

IdentityProviderURL returns the URL of the configured external identity provider for this controller or an empty string if no external identity provider has been configured when the controller was bootstrapped.

func (*Client) InitiateMigration

func (c *Client) InitiateMigration(spec MigrationSpec) (string, error)

InitiateMigration attempts to start a migration for the specified model, returning the migration's ID.

The API server supports starting multiple migrations in one request but we don't need that at the client side yet (and may never) so this call just supports starting one migration at a time.

func (*Client) ListBlockedModels

func (c *Client) ListBlockedModels() ([]params.ModelBlockInfo, error)

ListBlockedModels returns a list of all models within the controller which have at least one block in place.

func (*Client) ModelConfig

func (c *Client) ModelConfig() (map[string]interface{}, error)

ModelConfig returns all model settings for the controller model.

func (*Client) MongoVersion

func (c *Client) MongoVersion() (string, error)

MongoVersion returns the mongo version associated with the state session.

func (*Client) RemoveBlocks

func (c *Client) RemoveBlocks() error

RemoveBlocks removes all the blocks in the controller.

func (*Client) RevokeController

func (c *Client) RevokeController(user, access string) error

RevokeController revokes a user's access to the controller.

func (*Client) SelectDashboardVersion

func (c *Client) SelectDashboardVersion(vers version.Number) error

SelectDashboardVersion selects which version of the Juju Dashboard is served by the controller.

func (*Client) UploadDashboardArchive

func (c *Client) UploadDashboardArchive(r io.ReadSeeker, hash string, size int64, vers version.Number) (current bool, err error)

UploadDashboardArchive uploads a Dashboard archive to the controller over HTTPS, and reports about whether the upload updated the current Dashboard served by Juju.

func (*Client) WatchAllModelSummaries

func (c *Client) WatchAllModelSummaries() (*SummaryWatcher, error)

WatchAllModelSummaries returns a SummaryWatcher, from which you can request the Next set of ModelAbstracts. This method is only valid for controller superusers and returns abstracts for all models in the controller.

func (*Client) WatchAllModels

func (c *Client) WatchAllModels() (*api.AllWatcher, error)

WatchAllModels returns an AllWatcher, from which you can request the Next collection of Deltas (for all models).

func (*Client) WatchModelSummaries

func (c *Client) WatchModelSummaries() (*SummaryWatcher, error)

WatchModelSummaries returns a SummaryWatcher, from which you can request the Next set of ModelAbstracts for all models the user can see.

type ControllerVersion

type ControllerVersion struct {
	Version   string
	GitCommit string

type DestroyControllerParams

type DestroyControllerParams struct {
	// DestroyModels controls whether or not all hosted models should be
	// destroyed. If this is false, and there are non-empty hosted models,
	// an error with the code params.CodeHasHostedModels will be returned.
	DestroyModels bool

	// DestroyStorage controls whether or not storage in the model (and
	// hosted models, if DestroyModels is true) should be destroyed.
	// This is ternary: nil, false, or true. If nil and there is persistent
	// storage in the model (or hosted models), an error with the code
	// params.CodeHasPersistentStorage will be returned.
	DestroyStorage *bool

	// Force specifies whether model destruction will be forced, i.e.
	// keep going despite operational errors.
	Force *bool `json:"force,omitempty"`

	// MaxWait specifies the amount of time that each step in model destroy process
	// will wait before forcing the next step to kick-off. This parameter
	// only makes sense in combination with 'force' set to 'true'.
	MaxWait *time.Duration `json:"max-wait,omitempty"`

	// ModelTimeout specifies how long to wait for the destroy process for each model.
	ModelTimeout *time.Duration `json:"model-timeout,omitempty"`

DestroyControllerParams controls the behaviour of destroying the controller.

type HostedConfig

type HostedConfig struct {
	Name      string
	Owner     names.UserTag
	Config    map[string]interface{}
	CloudSpec environscloudspec.CloudSpec
	Error     error

HostedConfig contains the model config and the cloud spec for that model such that direct access to the provider can be used.

type MigrationSpec

type MigrationSpec struct {
	ModelUUID             string
	TargetControllerUUID  string
	TargetControllerAlias string
	TargetAddrs           []string
	TargetCACert          string
	TargetUser            string
	TargetPassword        string
	TargetMacaroons       []macaroon.Slice

MigrationSpec holds the details required to start the migration of a single model.

func (*MigrationSpec) Validate

func (s *MigrationSpec) Validate() error

Validate performs sanity checks on the migration configuration it holds.

type SummaryWatcher

type SummaryWatcher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SummaryWatcher holds information allowing us to get ModelAbstract results for the models the user can see.

func NewSummaryWatcher

func NewSummaryWatcher(caller base.APICaller, id *string) *SummaryWatcher

NewSummaryWatcher returns a SummaryWatcher instance which is in response to either a WatchModelSummaries call for all models a user can see, or WatchAllModelSummaries by a controller superuser.

func (*SummaryWatcher) Next

func (watcher *SummaryWatcher) Next() ([]params.ModelAbstract, error)

Next returns a slice of ModelAbstracts. A new abstract is returned for a model if any part of the abstract changes. No indication is given however to which bit has changed. It will block until there is information to return.

func (*SummaryWatcher) Stop

func (watcher *SummaryWatcher) Stop() error

Stop shutdowns down a summary watcher.

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