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type API

type API struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

API provides access to the machine undertaker API facade.

func NewAPI

func NewAPI(caller base.APICaller, newWatcher NewWatcherFunc) (*API, error)

NewAPI creates a new client-side machine undertaker facade.

func (*API) AllMachineRemovals

func (api *API) AllMachineRemovals() ([]names.MachineTag, error)

AllMachineRemovals returns all the machines that have been marked ready to clean up.

func (*API) CompleteRemoval

func (api *API) CompleteRemoval(machine names.MachineTag) error

CompleteRemoval finishes the removal of the machine in the database after any provider resources are cleaned up.

func (*API) GetProviderInterfaceInfo

func (api *API) GetProviderInterfaceInfo(machine names.MachineTag) ([]network.ProviderInterfaceInfo, error)

GetProviderInterfaceInfo gets the provider details for all of the interfaces for one machine.

func (*API) WatchMachineRemovals

func (api *API) WatchMachineRemovals() (watcher.NotifyWatcher, error)

WatchMachineRemovals registers to be notified when a machine removal is requested.

type NewWatcherFunc

NewWatcherFunc exists to let us test WatchMachineRemovals.

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