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type State

type State interface {
	// WatchForRebootEvent returns a watcher.NotifyWatcher that
	// reacts to reboot flag changes.
	WatchForRebootEvent() (watcher.NotifyWatcher, error)

	// RequestReboot sets the reboot flag for the calling machine.
	RequestReboot() error

	// ClearReboot clears the reboot flag for the calling machine.
	ClearReboot() error

	// GetRebootAction returns the reboot action for the calling machine.
	GetRebootAction() (params.RebootAction, error)

    State provides access to an reboot worker's view of the state. NOTE: This is defined as an interface due to PPC64 bug #1533469 - if it were a type build errors happen (due to a linker bug).

    func NewState

    func NewState(caller base.APICaller, machineTag names.MachineTag) State

      NewState returns a version of the state that provides functionality required by the reboot worker.

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