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type Origin

type Origin struct {
	// Source is where the charm came from, Local, CharmStore or CharmHub.
	Source OriginSource
	// ID is the CharmHub ID for this charm.
	ID   string
	Hash string
	// Risk is the CharmHub channel risk, or the CharmStore channel value.
	Risk string
	// Revision is the charm revision number.
	Revision *int
	// Track is a CharmHub channel track.
	Track *string

Origin holds the information about where the charm originates.

func APICharmOrigin

func APICharmOrigin(origin params.CharmOrigin) Origin

APICharmOrigin is a helper function to convert params.CharmOrigin to an Origin.

func CoreCharmOrigin

func CoreCharmOrigin(origin corecharm.Origin) Origin

CoreCharmOrigin is a helper function to convert params.CharmOrigin to an Origin.

func (Origin) CoreChannel

func (o Origin) CoreChannel() corecharm.Channel

CoreChannel returns the core charm channel.

func (Origin) CoreCharmOrigin

func (o Origin) CoreCharmOrigin() corecharm.Origin

CoreCharmOrigin is a help method to get a core version of this structure.

func (Origin) ParamsCharmOrigin

func (o Origin) ParamsCharmOrigin() params.CharmOrigin

ParamsCharmOrigin is a helper method to get a params version of this structure.

type OriginSource

type OriginSource string

OriginSource represents the source of the charm.

const (
	// OriginLocal represents a local charm.
	OriginLocal OriginSource = "local"
	// OriginCharmStore represents a charm from the now old charm-store.
	OriginCharmStore OriginSource = "charm-store"
	// OriginCharmHub represents a charm from the new charm-hub.
	OriginCharmHub OriginSource = "charm-hub"

func (OriginSource) String

func (c OriginSource) String() string

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