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type Machine

type Machine interface {
	ContainerType() instance.ContainerType
	ModificationStatus() (status.StatusInfo, error)
	SetModificationStatus(status.StatusInfo) error

Machine represents point of use methods from the state machine object

type Unit

type Unit interface {
	SetStateOperation(*state.UnitState, state.UnitStateSizeLimits) state.ModelOperation

Unit represents point of use methods from the state unit object

type UpgradeStepsAPI

type UpgradeStepsAPI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFacadeV2

func NewFacadeV2(ctx facade.Context) (*UpgradeStepsAPI, error)

NewFacadeV2 is used for API registration.

func NewUpgradeStepsAPI

func NewUpgradeStepsAPI(st UpgradeStepsState,
	resources facade.Resources,
	authorizer facade.Authorizer,
) (*UpgradeStepsAPI, error)

func (*UpgradeStepsAPI) ResetKVMMachineModificationStatusIdle

func (api *UpgradeStepsAPI) ResetKVMMachineModificationStatusIdle(arg params.Entity) (params.ErrorResult, error)

ResetKVMMachineModificationStatusIdle sets the modification status of a kvm machine to idle if it is in an error state before upgrade. Related to lp:1829393.

func (*UpgradeStepsAPI) WriteAgentState

func (api *UpgradeStepsAPI) WriteAgentState(args params.SetUnitStateArgs) (params.ErrorResults, error)

WriteAgentState writes the agent state for the set of units provided. This call presently deals with the state for the unit agent.

type UpgradeStepsAPIV1

type UpgradeStepsAPIV1 struct {

UpgradeStepsAPIV2 implements version (v2) of the Upgrade Steps API, which add WriteUniterState.

func NewFacadeV1

func NewFacadeV1(ctx facade.Context) (*UpgradeStepsAPIV1, error)

NewFacadeV1 is used for API registration.

func (*UpgradeStepsAPIV1) WriteAgentState

func (*UpgradeStepsAPIV1) WriteAgentState(_, _ struct{})

WriteAgentState did not exist prior to v2.

type UpgradeStepsState

type UpgradeStepsState interface {
	ControllerConfig() (controller.Config, error)
	ApplyOperation(state.ModelOperation) error

type UpgradeStepsV1

type UpgradeStepsV1 interface {
	ResetKVMMachineModificationStatusIdle(params.Entity) (params.ErrorResult, error)

UpgradeStepsV1 defines the methods on the version 2 facade for the upgrade steps API endpoint.

type UpgradeStepsV2

type UpgradeStepsV2 interface {
	WriteAgentState(params.SetUnitStateArgs) (params.ErrorResults, error)

UpgradeStepsV2 defines the methods on the version 2 facade for the upgrade steps API endpoint.


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mocks Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.