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const (
	// DefaultArchitecture represents the default architecture we expect to use
	// if none is present.
	DefaultArchitecture = arch.AMD64


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type Arch

type Arch = string

Arch represents a platform architecture.

type Arches

type Arches struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Arches defines a list of arches to compare against.

func AllArches

func AllArches() Arches

AllArches creates a series of arches to compare against.

func (Arches) Contains

func (a Arches) Contains(arch Arch) bool

Contains checks to see if a given arch is found with in the list.

func (Arches) String

func (a Arches) String() string

func (Arches) StringList

func (a Arches) StringList() []string

StringList returns an ordered list of strings. ArchAll will always be the front of the slice to show importance of the enum value.

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