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const (
	// SSHRule is a rule for SSH connections.
	SSHRule = WellKnownServiceType("ssh")

	// JujuControllerRule is a rule for connections to the Juju controller.
	JujuControllerRule = WellKnownServiceType("juju-controller")

	// JujuApplicationOfferRule is a rule for connections to a Juju offer.
	JujuApplicationOfferRule = WellKnownServiceType("juju-application-offer")
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const AllNetworksIPV4CIDR = ""

    AllNetworksIPV4CIDR represents the zero address (quad-zero) CIDR for an IPV4 network.

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    const AllNetworksIPV6CIDR = "::/0"

      AllNetworksIPV6CIDR represents the zero address (quad-zero) CIDR for an IPV6 network.


      This section is empty.


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      type IngressRule

      type IngressRule struct {
      	// The destination port range for the incoming traffic.
      	PortRange network.PortRange
      	// A set of CIDRs that describe the origin for incoming traffic. An
      	// implicit CIDR is assumed if no CIDRs are specified.
      	SourceCIDRs set.Strings

        IngressRule represents a rule for allowing traffic from a set of source CIDRs to reach a particular port range.

        func NewIngressRule

        func NewIngressRule(portRange network.PortRange, sourceCIDRs ...string) IngressRule

          NewIngressRule creates a new IngressRule for allowing access to portRange from the list of sourceCIDRs. If no sourceCIDRs are specified, the rule will implicitly apply to all networks.

          func (IngressRule) EqualTo

          func (r IngressRule) EqualTo(other IngressRule) bool

            EqualTo returns true if this rule is equal to the provided rule.

            func (IngressRule) LessThan

            func (r IngressRule) LessThan(other IngressRule) bool

              LessThan compares two IngressRule instances for equality.

              func (IngressRule) String

              func (r IngressRule) String() string

                String is the string representation of IngressRule.

                func (IngressRule) Validate

                func (r IngressRule) Validate() error

                  Validate ensures that the ingress rule contains valid source and destination parameters.

                  type IngressRules

                  type IngressRules []IngressRule

                    IngressRules represents a collection of IngressRule instances.

                    func (IngressRules) Diff

                    func (r IngressRules) Diff(target IngressRules) (toOpen, toClose IngressRules)

                      Diff returns a list of IngressRules to open and/or close so that this set of ingress rules matches the target.

                      func (IngressRules) EqualTo

                      func (rules IngressRules) EqualTo(other IngressRules) bool

                        EqualTo returns true if this rule list is equal to the provided rule list.

                        func (IngressRules) RemoveCIDRsMatchingAddressType

                        func (rules IngressRules) RemoveCIDRsMatchingAddressType(removeAddrType network.AddressType) IngressRules

                          RemoveCIDRsMatchingAddressType returns a new list of rules where any CIDR whose address type corresponds to the specified AddressType argument has been removed.

                          func (IngressRules) Sort

                          func (rules IngressRules) Sort()

                            Sort the rule list by port range and then by source CIDRs.

                            func (IngressRules) UniqueRules

                            func (rules IngressRules) UniqueRules() IngressRules

                              UniqueRules returns a copy of the ingress rule list after removing any duplicate entries.

                              func (IngressRules) Validate

                              func (rules IngressRules) Validate() error

                                Validate the list of ingress rules

                                type WellKnownServiceType

                                type WellKnownServiceType string

                                  WellKnownService defines a service for which firewall rules may be applied.

                                  func (WellKnownServiceType) Validate

                                  func (v WellKnownServiceType) Validate() error