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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Client allows access to the CAAS application provisioner API endpoint.

    func NewClient

    func NewClient(caller base.APICaller) *Client

      NewClient returns a client used to access the CAAS Application Provisioner API.

      func (*Client) ApplicationCharmURL

      func (c *Client) ApplicationCharmURL(appName string) (*charm.URL, error)

        ApplicationCharmURL finds the CharmURL for an application.

        func (*Client) ApplicationOCIResources

        func (c *Client) ApplicationOCIResources(appName string) (map[string]resources.DockerImageDetails, error)

          ApplicationOCIResources returns all the OCI image resources for an application.

          func (*Client) GarbageCollect

          func (c *Client) GarbageCollect(
          	appName string, observedUnits []names.Tag, desiredReplicas int, activePodNames []string, force bool) error

            GarbageCollect cleans up units that have gone away permanently. Only observed units will be deleted as new units could have surfaced between the capturing of kubernetes pod state/application state and this call.

            func (*Client) Life

            func (c *Client) Life(appName string) (life.Value, error)

              Life returns the lifecycle state for the specified CAAS application or unit in the current model.

              func (*Client) ProvisioningInfo

              func (c *Client) ProvisioningInfo(applicationName string) (ProvisioningInfo, error)

                ProvisioningInfo returns the info needed to provision an operator for an application.

                func (*Client) SetOperatorStatus

                func (c *Client) SetOperatorStatus(appName string, status status.Status, message string, data map[string]interface{}) error

                  SetOperatorStatus updates the provisioning status of an operator.

                  func (*Client) SetPassword

                  func (c *Client) SetPassword(appName string, password string) error

                    SetPassword sets API password for the specified application.

                    func (*Client) Units

                    func (c *Client) Units(appName string) ([]names.Tag, error)

                      Units returns all the units for an Application.

                      func (*Client) UpdateUnits

                        UpdateUnits updates the state model to reflect the state of the units as reported by the cloud.

                        func (*Client) WatchApplication

                        func (c *Client) WatchApplication(appName string) (watcher.NotifyWatcher, error)

                          WatchApplication returns a NotifyWatcher that notifies of changes to the application in the current model.

                          func (*Client) WatchApplications

                          func (c *Client) WatchApplications() (watcher.StringsWatcher, error)

                            WatchApplications returns a StringsWatcher that notifies of changes to the lifecycles of CAAS applications in the current model.

                            type ProvisioningInfo

                            type ProvisioningInfo struct {
                            	ImagePath            string
                            	Version              version.Number
                            	APIAddresses         []string
                            	CACert               string
                            	Tags                 map[string]string
                            	Constraints          constraints.Value
                            	Filesystems          []storage.KubernetesFilesystemParams
                            	Devices              []devices.KubernetesDeviceParams
                            	Series               string
                            	ImageRepo            string
                            	CharmModifiedVersion int
                            	CharmURL             *charm.URL

                              ProvisioningInfo holds the info needed to provision an operator.

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