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type Bundle

type Bundle struct {
	Charms []BundleCharm `json:"charms,omitempty"`

type BundleCharm

type BundleCharm struct {
	Name      string `json:"name"`
	PackageID string `json:"package-id"`

type Channel

type Channel struct {
	ReleasedAt string     `json:"released-at"`
	Track      string     `json:"track"`
	Risk       string     `json:"risk"`
	Revision   int        `json:"revision"`
	Size       int        `json:"size"`
	Version    string     `json:"version"`
	Platforms  []Platform `json:"platforms"`
	Resources  []Resource `json:"resources"`

type Charm

type Charm struct {
	Config      *charm.Config                `json:"config,omitempty"`
	Relations   map[string]map[string]string `json:"relations,omitempty"`
	Subordinate bool                         `json:"subordinate,omitempty"`
	UsedBy      []string                     `json:"used-by,omitempty"` // bundles which use the charm

    Charm matches a params.CharmHubCharm

    type Client

    type Client struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Client allows access to the CharmHub API end point.

      func NewClient

      func NewClient(callCloser base.APICallCloser) *Client

        NewClient creates a new client for accessing the CharmHub API.

        func (*Client) Find

        func (c *Client) Find(query string, options ...FindOption) ([]FindResponse, error)

          Find queries the CharmHub API finding potential charms or bundles for the given query.

          func (*Client) Info

          func (c *Client) Info(name string, options ...InfoOption) (InfoResponse, error)

            Info queries the CharmHub API for information for a given name.

            type FindOption

            type FindOption func(*findOptions)

              FindOption to be passed to Find to customize the resulting request.

              func WithFindCategory

              func WithFindCategory(category string) FindOption

                WithFindCategory sets the category on the option.

                func WithFindChannel

                func WithFindChannel(channel string) FindOption

                  WithFindChannel sets the channel on the option.

                  func WithFindPlatforms

                  func WithFindPlatforms(platforms string) FindOption

                    WithFindPlatforms sets the charmPlatforms on the option.

                    func WithFindPublisher

                    func WithFindPublisher(publisher string) FindOption

                      WithFindPublisher sets the publisher on the option.

                      func WithFindRelationProvides

                      func WithFindRelationProvides(relationProvides string) FindOption

                        WithFindRelationProvides sets the relationProvides on the option.

                        func WithFindRelationRequires

                        func WithFindRelationRequires(relationRequires string) FindOption

                          WithFindRelationRequires sets the relationRequires on the option.

                          func WithFindType

                          func WithFindType(charmType string) FindOption

                            WithFindType sets the charmType on the option.

                            type FindResponse

                            type FindResponse struct {
                            	Type      string   `json:"type"`
                            	ID        string   `json:"id"`
                            	Name      string   `json:"name"`
                            	Publisher string   `json:"publisher"`
                            	Summary   string   `json:"summary"`
                            	Version   string   `json:"version"`
                            	Arches    []string `json:"architectures,omitempty"`
                            	OS        []string `json:"os,omitempty"`
                            	Series    []string `json:"series,omitempty"`
                            	StoreURL  string   `json:"store-url"`

                            type InfoOption

                            type InfoOption func(*infoOptions)

                              InfoOption to be passed to Info to customize the resulting request.

                              func WithInfoChannel

                              func WithInfoChannel(ch string) InfoOption

                                WithInfoChannel sets the channel on the option.

                                type InfoResponse

                                type InfoResponse struct {
                                	Type        string             `json:"type"`
                                	ID          string             `json:"id"`
                                	Name        string             `json:"name"`
                                	Description string             `json:"description"`
                                	Publisher   string             `json:"publisher"`
                                	Summary     string             `json:"summary"`
                                	Series      []string           `json:"series,omitempty"`
                                	StoreURL    string             `json:"store-url"`
                                	Tags        []string           `json:"tags,omitempty"`
                                	Charm       *Charm             `json:"charm,omitempty"`
                                	Bundle      *Bundle            `json:"bundle,omitempty"`
                                	Channels    map[string]Channel `json:"channel-map"`
                                	Tracks      []string           `json:"tracks"`

                                type Platform

                                type Platform struct {
                                	Architecture string `json:"architecture"`
                                	OS           string `json:"os"`
                                	Series       string `json:"series"`

                                type Resource

                                type Resource struct {
                                	Name     string `json:"name"`
                                	Revision int    `json:"revision"`
                                	Type     string `json:"type"`
                                	Size     int    `json:"size"`
                                	URL      string `json:"url"`

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