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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Client provides methods that the Juju client command uses to interact with models stored in the Juju Server.

    func NewClient

    func NewClient(st base.APICallCloser) *Client

      NewClient creates a new `Client` based on an existing authenticated API connection.

      func (*Client) AddCloud

      func (c *Client) AddCloud(cloud jujucloud.Cloud, force bool) error

        AddCloud adds a new cloud to current controller.

        func (*Client) AddCloudsCredentials

        func (c *Client) AddCloudsCredentials(cloudCredentials map[string]jujucloud.Credential) ([]params.UpdateCredentialResult, error)

          AddCloudsCredentials adds/uploads clouds credentials content to the controller. Passed in credentials are keyed on the credential tag.

          func (*Client) AddCredential

          func (c *Client) AddCredential(tag string, credential jujucloud.Credential) error

            AddCredential adds a credential to the controller with a given tag. This can be a credential for a cloud that is not the same cloud as the controller's host.

            func (*Client) Cloud

            func (c *Client) Cloud(tag names.CloudTag) (jujucloud.Cloud, error)

              Cloud returns the details of the cloud with the given tag.

              func (*Client) CloudInfo

              func (c *Client) CloudInfo(tags []names.CloudTag) ([]CloudInfo, error)

                CloudInfo returns details and user access for the cloud with the given tag.

                func (*Client) Clouds

                func (c *Client) Clouds() (map[names.CloudTag]jujucloud.Cloud, error)

                  Clouds returns the details of all clouds supported by the controller.

                  func (*Client) CredentialContents

                  func (c *Client) CredentialContents(cloud, credential string, withSecrets bool) ([]params.CredentialContentResult, error)

                    CredentialContents returns contents of the credential values for the specified cloud and credential name. Secrets will be included if requested.

                    func (*Client) Credentials

                    func (c *Client) Credentials(tags ...names.CloudCredentialTag) ([]params.CloudCredentialResult, error)

                      Credentials returns a slice of credential values for the specified tags. Secrets are excluded from the credential attributes.

                      func (*Client) GrantCloud

                      func (c *Client) GrantCloud(user, access string, clouds ...string) error

                        GrantCloud grants a user access to a cloud.

                        func (*Client) RemoveCloud

                        func (c *Client) RemoveCloud(cloud string) error

                          RemoveCloud removes a cloud from the current controller.

                          func (*Client) RevokeCloud

                          func (c *Client) RevokeCloud(user, access string, clouds ...string) error

                            RevokeCloud revokes a user's access to a cloud.

                            func (*Client) RevokeCredential

                            func (c *Client) RevokeCredential(tag names.CloudCredentialTag, force bool) error

                              RevokeCredential revokes/deletes a cloud credential.

                              func (*Client) UpdateCloud

                              func (c *Client) UpdateCloud(cloud jujucloud.Cloud) error

                                UpdateCloud updates an existing cloud on a current controller.

                                func (*Client) UpdateCloudsCredentials

                                func (c *Client) UpdateCloudsCredentials(cloudCredentials map[string]jujucloud.Credential, force bool) ([]params.UpdateCredentialResult, error)

                                  UpdateCloudsCredentials updates clouds credentials content on the controller. Passed in credentials are keyed on the credential tag. This operation can be forced to ignore validation checks.

                                  func (*Client) UpdateCredentialsCheckModels

                                  func (c *Client) UpdateCredentialsCheckModels(tag names.CloudCredentialTag, credential jujucloud.Credential) ([]params.UpdateCredentialModelResult, error)

                                    UpdateCredentialsCheckModels updates a cloud credential content stored on the controller. This call validates that the new content works for all models that are using this credential.

                                    func (*Client) UserCredentials

                                    func (c *Client) UserCredentials(user names.UserTag, cloud names.CloudTag) ([]names.CloudCredentialTag, error)

                                      UserCredentials returns the tags for cloud credentials available to a user for use with a specific cloud.

                                      type CloudInfo

                                      type CloudInfo struct {
                                      	Users map[string]CloudUserInfo

                                        CloudInfo holds cloud details and who can access the cloud.

                                        type CloudUserInfo

                                        type CloudUserInfo struct {
                                        	DisplayName string
                                        	Access      string

                                          CloudUserInfo holds details of who can access a cloud.

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