A type for grouping information about proxy variables.

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type Settings

type Settings struct {
	Http        string
	Https       string
	Ftp         string
	NoProxy     string
	AutoNoProxy string

    Settings holds the values for the HTTP, HTTPS and FTP proxies as well as the no_proxy value found by Detect Proxies. AutoNoProxy is filled with addresses of controllers, we never want to proxy those

    func DetectProxies

    func DetectProxies() Settings

      DetectProxies returns the proxy settings found the environment.

      func (*Settings) AsEnvironmentValues

      func (s *Settings) AsEnvironmentValues() []string

        AsEnvironmentValues returns a slice of strings of the format "key=value" suitable to be used in a command environment. There are two values for each non-empty proxy value, one lower-case and one upper-case.

        func (*Settings) AsScriptEnvironment

        func (s *Settings) AsScriptEnvironment() string

          AsScriptEnvironment returns a potentially multi-line string in a format that specifies exported key=value lines. There are two lines for each non- empty proxy value, one lower-case and one upper-case.

          func (*Settings) AsSystemdDefaultEnv

          func (s *Settings) AsSystemdDefaultEnv() string

            AsSystemdEnvSettings returns a string in the format understood by systemd: DefaultEnvironment="http_proxy=...." "HTTP_PROXY=..." ...

            func (*Settings) FullNoProxy

            func (s *Settings) FullNoProxy() string

              FullNoProxy merges NoProxy and AutoNoProxyList

              func (*Settings) HasProxySet

              func (s *Settings) HasProxySet() bool

                HasProxySet returns true if there is a proxy value for HTTP, HTTPS or FTP.

                func (*Settings) SetEnvironmentValues

                func (s *Settings) SetEnvironmentValues()

                  SetEnvironmentValues updates the process environment with the proxy values stored in the settings object. Both the lower-case and upper-case variants are set.

                  http_proxy, HTTP_PROXY https_proxy, HTTPS_PROXY ftp_proxy, FTP_PROXY

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