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Package bzr offers an interface to manage branches of the Bazaar VCS.



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type Branch

type Branch struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Branch represents a Bazaar branch.

func New

func New(location string) *Branch

New returns a new Branch for the Bazaar branch at location.

func (*Branch) Add

func (b *Branch) Add(parts ...string) error

Add adds to b the path resultant from calling b.Join(parts...).

func (*Branch) CheckClean

func (b *Branch) CheckClean() error

CheckClean returns an error if 'bzr status' is not clean.

func (*Branch) Commit

func (b *Branch) Commit(message string) error

Commit commits pending changes into b.

func (*Branch) Init

func (b *Branch) Init() error

Init intializes a new branch at b's location.

func (*Branch) Join

func (b *Branch) Join(parts ...string) string

Join returns b's location with parts appended as path components. In other words, if b's location is "lp:foo", and parts is {"bar, baz"}, Join returns "lp:foo/bar/baz".

func (*Branch) Location

func (b *Branch) Location() string

Location returns the location of branch b.

func (*Branch) Push

func (b *Branch) Push(attr *PushAttr) error

Push pushes any new revisions in b to attr.Location if that's provided, or to the default push location otherwise. See PushAttr for other options.

func (*Branch) PushLocation

func (b *Branch) PushLocation() (string, error)

PushLocation returns the default push location for b.

func (*Branch) RevisionId

func (b *Branch) RevisionId() (string, error)

RevisionId returns the Bazaar revision id for the tip of b.

type PushAttr

type PushAttr struct {
	Location string // Location to push to. Use the default push location if empty.
	Remember bool   // Whether to remember the location being pushed to as the default.

PushAttr holds options for the Branch.Push method.

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