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Package rewrite is middleware for rewriting requests internally to a different path.



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type ComplexRule

type ComplexRule struct {
	// Path base. Request to this path and subpaths will be rewritten
	Base string

	// Path to rewrite to
	To string

	// Extensions to filter by
	Exts []string

	// Request matcher


ComplexRule is a rewrite rule based on a regular expression

func NewComplexRule

func NewComplexRule(base, pattern, to string, ext []string, matcher httpserver.RequestMatcher) (*ComplexRule, error)

NewComplexRule creates a new RegexpRule. It returns an error if regexp pattern (pattern) or extensions (ext) are invalid.

func (*ComplexRule) BasePath

func (r *ComplexRule) BasePath() string

BasePath satisfies httpserver.Config

func (*ComplexRule) Match

func (r *ComplexRule) Match(req *http.Request) bool

Match satisfies httpserver.Config.

Though ComplexRule embeds a RequestMatcher, additional checks are needed which requires a custom implementation.

func (*ComplexRule) Rewrite

func (r *ComplexRule) Rewrite(fs http.FileSystem, req *http.Request) (re Result)

Rewrite rewrites the internal location of the current request.

type Result

type Result int

Result is the result of a rewrite

const (
	// RewriteIgnored is returned when rewrite is not done on request.
	RewriteIgnored Result = iota
	// RewriteDone is returned when rewrite is done on request.

func To

func To(fs http.FileSystem, r *http.Request, to string, replacer httpserver.Replacer) Result

To attempts rewrite. It attempts to rewrite to first valid path or the last path if none of the paths are valid.

type Rewrite

type Rewrite struct {
	Next    httpserver.Handler
	FileSys http.FileSystem
	Rules   []httpserver.HandlerConfig

Rewrite is middleware to rewrite request locations internally before being handled.

func (Rewrite) ServeHTTP

func (rw Rewrite) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (int, error)

ServeHTTP implements the httpserver.Handler interface.

type Rule

type Rule interface {
	// Rewrite rewrites the internal location of the current request.
	Rewrite(http.FileSystem, *http.Request) Result

Rule describes an internal location rewrite rule.

type SimpleRule

type SimpleRule struct {
	From, To string

SimpleRule is a simple rewrite rule.

func NewSimpleRule

func NewSimpleRule(from, to string) SimpleRule

NewSimpleRule creates a new Simple Rule

func (SimpleRule) BasePath

func (s SimpleRule) BasePath() string

BasePath satisfies httpserver.Config

func (SimpleRule) Match

func (s SimpleRule) Match(r *http.Request) bool

Match satisfies httpserver.Config

func (SimpleRule) Rewrite

func (s SimpleRule) Rewrite(fs http.FileSystem, r *http.Request) Result

Rewrite rewrites the internal location of the current request.

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