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func DecryptWithKey

func DecryptWithKey(ciphertext string, fingerprint [20]byte) (io.ReadCloser, error)

DecryptWithKey decrypts a ciphertext, and stores into target path, using the provided fingerprint.

func Encrypt

func Encrypt(reader io.Reader, writer io.Writer, receiver *openpgp.Entity) error

Encrypt encrypts stream into an OpenPGP-encrypted stream

func ExportKey

func ExportKey(keyIDs []string) ([]byte, error)

ExportKey exports GPG key in ASCII armor

func GetSecretKeys

func GetSecretKeys(filter string) ([][20]byte, []string, error)

GetSecretKeys retrieves secret keys from GnuPG

func LoadPubKey

func LoadPubKey(reader io.Reader, armor bool) (openpgp.EntityList, error)

LoadPubKey loads public key from a readable stream

func LoadPubKeyFromFile

func LoadPubKeyFromFile(path string, armor bool) (openpgp.EntityList, error)

LoadPubKeyFromFile Loads public key into openpgp's Entity

func PrintKey

func PrintKey(key *openpgp.Entity)

PrintKey prints information about an OpenPGP key entity

func SavePubKey

func SavePubKey(raw io.Writer, key *openpgp.Entity, isArmor bool) error

SavePubKey saves a public keys from an entity to a stream


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