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const APIVersion = "2019-12-31-preview"

APIVersion contains a version string as it will be used by clients


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type APIServerProfile

type APIServerProfile struct {
	// API server visibility (immutable).
	Visibility Visibility `json:"visibility,omitempty"`

	// The URL to access the cluster API server (immutable).
	URL string `json:"url,omitempty"`

	// The IP of the cluster API server (immutable).
	IP string `json:"ip,omitempty"`

APIServerProfile represents an API server profile.

type ClusterProfile

type ClusterProfile struct {
	// The pull secret for the cluster (immutable).
	PullSecret string `json:"pullSecret,omitempty"`

	// The domain for the cluster (immutable).
	Domain string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

	// The version of the cluster (immutable).
	Version string `json:"version,omitempty"`

	// The ID of the cluster resource group (immutable).
	ResourceGroupID string `json:"resourceGroupId,omitempty"`

ClusterProfile represents a cluster profile.

type ConsoleProfile

type ConsoleProfile struct {
	// The URL to access the cluster console (immutable).
	URL string `json:"url,omitempty"`

ConsoleProfile represents a console profile.

type IngressProfile

type IngressProfile struct {
	// The ingress profile name.  Must be "default" (immutable).
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// Ingress visibility (immutable).
	Visibility Visibility `json:"visibility,omitempty"`

	// The IP of the ingress (immutable).
	IP string `json:"ip,omitempty"`

IngressProfile represents an ingress profile.

type MasterProfile

type MasterProfile struct {
	// The size of the master VMs (immutable).
	VMSize VMSize `json:"vmSize,omitempty"`

	// The Azure resource ID of the master subnet (immutable).
	SubnetID string `json:"subnetId,omitempty"`

MasterProfile represents a master profile.

type NetworkProfile

type NetworkProfile struct {
	// The CIDR used for OpenShift/Kubernetes Pods (immutable).
	PodCIDR string `json:"podCidr,omitempty"`

	// The CIDR used for OpenShift/Kubernetes Services (immutable).
	ServiceCIDR string `json:"serviceCidr,omitempty"`

NetworkProfile represents a network profile.

type OpenShiftCluster

type OpenShiftCluster struct {
	// The resource ID (immutable).
	ID string `json:"id,omitempty" mutable:"case"`

	// The resource name (immutable).
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty" mutable:"case"`

	// The resource type (immutable).
	Type string `json:"type,omitempty" mutable:"case"`

	// The resource location (immutable).
	Location string `json:"location,omitempty"`

	// The resource tags.
	Tags Tags `json:"tags,omitempty" mutable:"true"`

	// The cluster properties.
	Properties OpenShiftClusterProperties `json:"properties,omitempty"`

OpenShiftCluster represents an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterPatchParameter

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterPatchParameter() *OpenShiftCluster

ExampleOpenShiftClusterPatchParameter returns an example OpenShiftCluster object that an end-user might send to create a cluster in a PATCH request

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterPutParameter

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterPutParameter() *OpenShiftCluster

ExampleOpenShiftClusterPutParameter returns an example OpenShiftCluster object that an end-user might send to create a cluster in a PUT request

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterResponse

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterResponse() *OpenShiftCluster

ExampleOpenShiftClusterResponse returns an example OpenShiftCluster object that the RP might return to an end-user

type OpenShiftClusterCredentials

type OpenShiftClusterCredentials struct {
	// The username for the kubeadmin user
	KubeadminUsername string `json:"kubeadminUsername,omitempty"`

	// The password for the kubeadmin user
	KubeadminPassword string `json:"kubeadminPassword,omitempty"`

OpenShiftClusterCredentials represents an OpenShift cluster's credentials

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterCredentialsResponse

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterCredentialsResponse() *OpenShiftClusterCredentials

ExampleOpenShiftClusterCredentialsResponse returns an example OpenShiftClusterCredentials object that the RP might return to an end-user

type OpenShiftClusterList

type OpenShiftClusterList struct {
	// The list of OpenShift clusters.
	OpenShiftClusters []*OpenShiftCluster `json:"value"`

	// The link used to get the next page of operations.
	NextLink string `json:"nextLink,omitempty"`

OpenShiftClusterList represents a list of OpenShift clusters.

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterListResponse

func ExampleOpenShiftClusterListResponse() *OpenShiftClusterList

ExampleOpenShiftClusterListResponse returns an example OpenShiftClusterList object that the RP might return to an end-user

type OpenShiftClusterProperties

type OpenShiftClusterProperties struct {
	// The cluster provisioning state (immutable).
	ProvisioningState ProvisioningState `json:"provisioningState,omitempty"`

	// The cluster profile.
	ClusterProfile ClusterProfile `json:"clusterProfile,omitempty"`

	// The console profile.
	ConsoleProfile ConsoleProfile `json:"consoleProfile,omitempty"`

	// The cluster service principal profile.
	ServicePrincipalProfile ServicePrincipalProfile `json:"servicePrincipalProfile,omitempty"`

	// The cluster network profile.
	NetworkProfile NetworkProfile `json:"networkProfile,omitempty"`

	// The cluster master profile.
	MasterProfile MasterProfile `json:"masterProfile,omitempty"`

	// The cluster worker profiles.
	WorkerProfiles []WorkerProfile `json:"workerProfiles,omitempty"`

	// The cluster API server profile.
	APIServerProfile APIServerProfile `json:"apiserverProfile,omitempty"`

	// The cluster ingress profiles.
	IngressProfiles []IngressProfile `json:"ingressProfiles,omitempty"`

OpenShiftClusterProperties represents an OpenShift cluster's properties.

type ProvisioningState

type ProvisioningState string

ProvisioningState represents a provisioning state.

const (
	ProvisioningStateCreating      ProvisioningState = "Creating"
	ProvisioningStateUpdating      ProvisioningState = "Updating"
	ProvisioningStateAdminUpdating ProvisioningState = "AdminUpdating"
	ProvisioningStateDeleting      ProvisioningState = "Deleting"
	ProvisioningStateSucceeded     ProvisioningState = "Succeeded"
	ProvisioningStateFailed        ProvisioningState = "Failed"

ProvisioningState constants

type ServicePrincipalProfile

type ServicePrincipalProfile struct {
	// The client ID used for the cluster (immutable).
	ClientID string `json:"clientId,omitempty"`

	// The client secret used for the cluster (immutable).
	ClientSecret string `json:"clientSecret,omitempty"`

ServicePrincipalProfile represents a service principal profile.

type Tags

type Tags map[string]string

Tags represents an OpenShift cluster's tags.

func (*Tags) UnmarshalJSON

func (t *Tags) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON unmarshals tags. We override this to ensure that PATCH behaviour overwrites an existing tags map rather than endlessly adding to it

type VMSize

type VMSize string

VMSize represents a VM size.

const (
	VMSizeStandardD2sV3 VMSize = "Standard_D2s_v3"
	VMSizeStandardD4sV3 VMSize = "Standard_D4s_v3"
	VMSizeStandardD8sV3 VMSize = "Standard_D8s_v3"

VMSize constants

type Visibility

type Visibility string

Visibility represents visibility.

const (
	VisibilityPublic  Visibility = "Public"
	VisibilityPrivate Visibility = "Private"

Visibility constants

type WorkerProfile

type WorkerProfile struct {
	// The worker profile name.  Must be "worker" (immutable).
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// The size of the worker VMs (immutable).
	VMSize VMSize `json:"vmSize,omitempty"`

	// The disk size of the worker VMs.  Must be 128 or greater (immutable).
	DiskSizeGB int `json:"diskSizeGB,omitempty"`

	// The Azure resource ID of the worker subnet (immutable).
	SubnetID string `json:"subnetId,omitempty"`

	// The number of worker VMs.  Must be between 3 and 20 (immutable).
	Count int `json:"count,omitempty"`

WorkerProfile represents a worker profile.

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