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const (
	RPFirstPartySecretName   = "rp-firstparty"
	RPServerSecretName       = "rp-server"
	ClusterLoggingSecretName = "cluster-mdsd"
	EncryptionSecretName     = "encryption-key"
	RPLoggingSecretName      = "rp-mdsd"
	RPMonitoringSecretName   = "rp-mdm"


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type Dev

type Dev interface {
	CreateARMResourceGroupRoleAssignment(context.Context, autorest.Authorizer, string) error

type Interface

type Interface interface {

	InitializeAuthorizers() error
	ArmClientAuthorizer() clientauthorizer.ClientAuthorizer
	AdminClientAuthorizer() clientauthorizer.ClientAuthorizer
	ClustersGenevaLoggingConfigVersion() string
	ClustersGenevaLoggingEnvironment() string
	ClustersGenevaLoggingSecret() (*rsa.PrivateKey, *x509.Certificate)
	ClustersKeyvaultURI() string
	CosmosDB() (string, string)
	DatabaseName() string
	DialContext(context.Context, string, string) (net.Conn, error)
	Domain() string
	FPAuthorizer(string, string) (autorest.Authorizer, error)
	GetCertificateSecret(context.Context, string) (*rsa.PrivateKey, []*x509.Certificate, error)
	GetSecret(context.Context, string) ([]byte, error)
	Listen() (net.Listener, error)
	ManagedDomain(string) (string, error)
	MetricsSocketPath() string
	Zones(vmSize string) ([]string, error)
	ACRResourceID() string
	ACRName() string

func NewEnv

func NewEnv(ctx context.Context, log *logrus.Entry) (Interface, error)

type Test

type Test struct {
	L net.Listener

	TestSubscriptionID string
	TestLocation       string
	TestResourceGroup  string
	TestDomain         string
	TestSecret         []byte

	TLSKey   *rsa.PrivateKey
	TLSCerts []*x509.Certificate
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Test) ACRName

func (t *Test) ACRName() string

func (*Test) ACRResourceID

func (t *Test) ACRResourceID() string

func (Test) AdminClientAuthorizer

func (p Test) AdminClientAuthorizer() clientauthorizer.ClientAuthorizer

func (Test) ArmClientAuthorizer

func (p Test) ArmClientAuthorizer() clientauthorizer.ClientAuthorizer

func (Test) ClustersGenevaLoggingConfigVersion

func (p Test) ClustersGenevaLoggingConfigVersion() string

func (Test) ClustersGenevaLoggingEnvironment

func (p Test) ClustersGenevaLoggingEnvironment() string

func (Test) ClustersGenevaLoggingSecret

func (p Test) ClustersGenevaLoggingSecret() (*rsa.PrivateKey, *x509.Certificate)

func (Test) ClustersKeyvaultURI

func (p Test) ClustersKeyvaultURI() string

func (Test) CosmosDB

func (p Test) CosmosDB() (string, string)

func (Test) DatabaseName

func (p Test) DatabaseName() string

func (Test) DialContext

func (p Test) DialContext(ctx context.Context, network, address string) (net.Conn, error)

func (*Test) Domain

func (t *Test) Domain() string

func (*Test) FPAuthorizer

func (t *Test) FPAuthorizer(tenantID, resource string) (autorest.Authorizer, error)

func (*Test) GetCertificateSecret

func (t *Test) GetCertificateSecret(ctx context.Context, secretName string) (key *rsa.PrivateKey, certs []*x509.Certificate, err error)

func (*Test) GetSecret

func (t *Test) GetSecret(ctx context.Context, secretName string) ([]byte, error)

func (Test) InitializeAuthorizers

func (p Test) InitializeAuthorizers() error

func (*Test) Listen

func (t *Test) Listen() (net.Listener, error)

func (*Test) Location

func (t *Test) Location() string

func (*Test) ManagedDomain

func (t *Test) ManagedDomain(clusterDomain string) (string, error)

func (Test) MetricsSocketPath

func (p Test) MetricsSocketPath() string

func (*Test) ResourceGroup

func (t *Test) ResourceGroup() string

func (*Test) SetARMClientAuthorizer

func (t *Test) SetARMClientAuthorizer(armClientAuthorizer clientauthorizer.ClientAuthorizer)

func (*Test) SetAdminClientAuthorizer

func (t *Test) SetAdminClientAuthorizer(adminClientAuthorizer clientauthorizer.ClientAuthorizer)

func (*Test) SubscriptionID

func (t *Test) SubscriptionID() string

func (Test) Zones

func (p Test) Zones(vmSize string) ([]string, error)

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