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var (
	HasEngine bool

	DbCfg struct {
		Type, Host, Name, User, Pwd, Path, SslMode string

	UseSQLite3 bool


func AddApiKey

func AddApiKey(cmd *m.AddApiKeyCommand) error

func AddDataSource

func AddDataSource(cmd *m.AddDataSourceCommand) error

func AddOrgUser

func AddOrgUser(cmd *m.AddOrgUserCommand) error

func ChangeUserPassword

func ChangeUserPassword(cmd *m.ChangeUserPasswordCommand) error

func CreateDashboardSnapshot

func CreateDashboardSnapshot(cmd *m.CreateDashboardSnapshotCommand) error

func CreateOrg

func CreateOrg(cmd *m.CreateOrgCommand) error

func CreateUser

func CreateUser(cmd *m.CreateUserCommand) error

func DeleteApiKey

func DeleteApiKey(cmd *m.DeleteApiKeyCommand) error

func DeleteDashboard

func DeleteDashboard(cmd *m.DeleteDashboardCommand) error

func DeleteDashboardSnapshot

func DeleteDashboardSnapshot(cmd *m.DeleteDashboardSnapshotCommand) error

func DeleteDataSource

func DeleteDataSource(cmd *m.DeleteDataSourceCommand) error

func DeleteOrg

func DeleteOrg(cmd *m.DeleteOrgCommand) error

func DeleteUser

func DeleteUser(cmd *m.DeleteUserCommand) error

func EnsureAdminUser

func EnsureAdminUser()

func GetApiKeyById

func GetApiKeyById(query *m.GetApiKeyByIdQuery) error

func GetApiKeyByName

func GetApiKeyByName(query *m.GetApiKeyByNameQuery) error

func GetApiKeys

func GetApiKeys(query *m.GetApiKeysQuery) error

func GetDashboard

func GetDashboard(query *m.GetDashboardQuery) error

func GetDashboardSnapshot

func GetDashboardSnapshot(query *m.GetDashboardSnapshotQuery) error

func GetDashboardTags

func GetDashboardTags(query *m.GetDashboardTagsQuery) error

func GetDataSourceById

func GetDataSourceById(query *m.GetDataSourceByIdQuery) error

func GetDataSourceByName

func GetDataSourceByName(query *m.GetDataSourceByNameQuery) error

func GetDataSources

func GetDataSources(query *m.GetDataSourcesQuery) error

func GetOrgById

func GetOrgById(query *m.GetOrgByIdQuery) error

func GetOrgByName

func GetOrgByName(query *m.GetOrgByNameQuery) error

func GetOrgUsers

func GetOrgUsers(query *m.GetOrgUsersQuery) error

func GetSignedInUser

func GetSignedInUser(query *m.GetSignedInUserQuery) error

func GetSystemStats

func GetSystemStats(query *m.GetSystemStatsQuery) error

func GetUserById

func GetUserById(query *m.GetUserByIdQuery) error

func GetUserByLogin

func GetUserByLogin(query *m.GetUserByLoginQuery) error

func GetUserOrgList

func GetUserOrgList(query *m.GetUserOrgListQuery) error

func GetUserProfile

func GetUserProfile(query *m.GetUserProfileQuery) error

func GetUserStars

func GetUserStars(query *m.GetUserStarsQuery) error

func IsStarredByUser

func IsStarredByUser(query *m.IsStarredByUserQuery) error

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig()

func NewEngine

func NewEngine()

func RemoveOrgUser

func RemoveOrgUser(cmd *m.RemoveOrgUserCommand) error

func SaveDashboard

func SaveDashboard(cmd *m.SaveDashboardCommand) error

func SearchDashboards

func SearchDashboards(query *search.FindPersistedDashboardsQuery) error

func SearchOrgs

func SearchOrgs(query *m.SearchOrgsQuery) error

func SearchUsers

func SearchUsers(query *m.SearchUsersQuery) error

func SetEngine

func SetEngine(engine *xorm.Engine, enableLog bool) (err error)

func SetUsingOrg

func SetUsingOrg(cmd *m.SetUsingOrgCommand) error

func StarDashboard

func StarDashboard(cmd *m.StarDashboardCommand) error

func UnstarDashboard

func UnstarDashboard(cmd *m.UnstarDashboardCommand) error

func UpdateDataSource

func UpdateDataSource(cmd *m.UpdateDataSourceCommand) error

func UpdateOrg

func UpdateOrg(cmd *m.UpdateOrgCommand) error

func UpdateOrgUser

func UpdateOrgUser(cmd *m.UpdateOrgUserCommand) error

func UpdateUser

func UpdateUser(cmd *m.UpdateUserCommand) error

func UpdateUserPermissions

func UpdateUserPermissions(cmd *m.UpdateUserPermissionsCommand) error


type DashboardSearchProjection

type DashboardSearchProjection struct {
	Id    int64
	Title string
	Slug  string
	Term  string

type DashboardTag

type DashboardTag struct {
	Id          int64
	DashboardId int64
	Term        string


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