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const (
	DEV  string = "development"
	PROD string = "production"
	TEST string = "test"


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var (
	// App settings.
	Env       string = DEV
	AppUrl    string
	AppSubUrl string

	// build
	BuildVersion string
	BuildCommit  string
	BuildStamp   int64

	// Paths
	LogsPath string
	HomePath string
	DataPath string

	// Log settings.
	LogModes   []string
	LogConfigs []util.DynMap

	// Http server options
	Protocol           Scheme
	Domain             string
	HttpAddr, HttpPort string
	SshPort            int
	CertFile, KeyFile  string
	RouterLogging      bool
	StaticRootPath     string
	EnableGzip         bool
	EnforceDomain      bool

	// Security settings.
	SecretKey             string
	LogInRememberDays     int
	CookieUserName        string
	CookieRememberName    string
	DisableGravatar       bool
	EmailCodeValidMinutes int

	// User settings
	AllowUserSignUp    bool
	AllowUserOrgCreate bool
	AutoAssignOrg      bool
	AutoAssignOrgRole  string

	// Http auth
	AdminUser     string
	AdminPassword string

	AnonymousEnabled bool
	AnonymousOrgName string
	AnonymousOrgRole string

	// Auth proxy settings
	AuthProxyEnabled        bool
	AuthProxyHeaderName     string
	AuthProxyHeaderProperty string
	AuthProxyAutoSignUp     bool

	// Basic Auth
	BasicAuthEnabled bool

	// Session settings.
	SessionOptions session.Options

	// Global setting objects.
	Cfg          *ini.File
	ConfRootPath string
	IsWindows    bool

	// PhantomJs Rendering
	ImagesDir  string
	PhantomDir string

	ReportingEnabled  bool
	GoogleAnalyticsId string

	// LDAP
	LdapEnabled    bool
	LdapConfigFile string

	// SMTP email settings
	Smtp SmtpSettings


func LogConfigurationInfo

func LogConfigurationInfo()

func NewConfigContext

func NewConfigContext(args *CommandLineArgs)

func ToAbsUrl

func ToAbsUrl(relativeUrl string) string


type CommandLineArgs

type CommandLineArgs struct {
	Config   string
	HomePath string
	Args     []string

type OAuthInfo

type OAuthInfo struct {
	ClientId, ClientSecret string
	Scopes                 []string
	AuthUrl, TokenUrl      string
	Enabled                bool
	AllowedDomains         []string
	ApiUrl                 string
	AllowSignup            bool

type OAuther

type OAuther struct {
	GitHub, Google, Twitter bool
	OAuthInfos              map[string]*OAuthInfo
var OAuthService *OAuther

type Scheme

type Scheme string
const (
	HTTP  Scheme = "http"
	HTTPS Scheme = "https"

type SmtpSettings

type SmtpSettings struct {
	Enabled     bool
	Host        string
	User        string
	Password    string
	CertFile    string
	KeyFile     string
	FromAddress string
	SkipVerify  bool

	SendWelcomeEmailOnSignUp bool
	TemplatesPattern         string

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