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Published: Aug 9, 2020 License: MIT Imports: 14 Imported by: 1




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const (
	MCBRP string = "MCBRP"
	DJBRP string = "DJBRP"
	DGORG string = "DGORG"
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const CMD_CLOSE = "Close"
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const CMD_DEVO = "devo"
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const CMD_LEXICON = "lexicon"
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const CMD_SUBSCRIBE = "subscribe"
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const CMD_TMS = "tms"
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const CMD_VERSION = "version"


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var CLOSEMSGS = []string{
	"Okay %s",
	"Got it, %s!",
	"As you wish, %s",
	"Because you said so, %s",
	"I hear and obey, %s",
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var DEVOS = map[string]string{
	"M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan":             MCBRP,
	"Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan": DJBRP,
	"Desiring God Articles":                   DGORG,
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var VERSIONS = map[string]string{
	"NIV":  "NIV",
	"ESV":  "ESV",
	"KJV":  "KJV",
	"NASB": "NASB",
	"NLT":  "NLT",
	"AMP":  "AMP",


func CheckBibleReference

func CheckBibleReference(ref string) bool

func CloseAction

func CloseAction(env def.SessionData) def.SessionData

func FormatQuery

func FormatQuery(query string, t TMSQueryType) string

func GetBibleLexicon

func GetBibleLexicon(word string, ver string) *html.Node

func GetBiblePassage

func GetBiblePassage(env def.SessionData) def.SessionData

func GetBibleWord

func GetBibleWord(env def.SessionData) def.SessionData

TODO: How to retrieve a Javascript triggered change in site?

func GetDesiringGodArticles

func GetDesiringGodArticles() []def.Option

func GetDesiringGodHtml

func GetDesiringGodHtml() *html.Node

func GetDevo

func GetDevo(env def.SessionData) def.SessionData

func GetDevotionalData

func GetDevotionalData(env def.SessionData, devo string) def.ResponseData

func GetDevotionalText

func GetDevotionalText(devo string) string

func GetDiscipleshipJournalReferences

func GetDiscipleshipJournalReferences(env def.SessionData) []def.Option

func GetMCheyneHtml

func GetMCheyneHtml() *html.Node

func GetMCheyneReferences

func GetMCheyneReferences() []def.Option

func GetPassage

func GetPassage(doc *html.Node, version string) string

func GetPassageHtml

func GetPassageHtml(ref string, ver string) *html.Node

func GetReference

func GetReference(doc *html.Node) string

func GetTMSVerse

func GetTMSVerse(env def.SessionData) def.SessionData

func ParseNodesForPassage

func ParseNodesForPassage(node *html.Node) string

func ProcessCommand

func ProcessCommand(env def.SessionData) def.SessionData

func SanitizeDevo

func SanitizeDevo(msg string) (string, error)

func SanitizeVersion

func SanitizeVersion(msg string) (string, error)

func SetVersion

func SetVersion(env def.SessionData) def.SessionData


type DiscipleshipJournalBRP

type DiscipleshipJournalBRP struct {
	BibleReadingPlan []DiscipleshipJournalDevo `yaml:"BibleReadingPlan"`

func GetDiscipleshipJournalDatabase

func GetDiscipleshipJournalDatabase(dataPath string) DiscipleshipJournalBRP

type DiscipleshipJournalDevo

type DiscipleshipJournalDevo struct {
	Verses []string `yaml:"Verses,flow"`

type PackSelector

type PackSelector func(TMSPack) bool

type SeriesSelector

type SeriesSelector func(TMSSeries) bool

type TMSDatabase

type TMSDatabase struct {
	Series []TMSSeries `yaml:"Series"`

func GetTMSData

func GetTMSData(dataPath string) TMSDatabase

type TMSPack

type TMSPack struct {
	ID     string     `yaml:"ID"`
	Title  string     `yaml:"Title"`
	Verses []TMSVerse `yaml:"Verses"`

type TMSQueryType

type TMSQueryType string
const (
	ID        TMSQueryType = "ID"
	Tag       TMSQueryType = "Tag"
	Reference TMSQueryType = "Reference"
	Null      TMSQueryType = "0"

func IdentifyQuery

func IdentifyQuery(db TMSDatabase, query string) TMSQueryType

type TMSSeries

type TMSSeries struct {
	ID    string    `yaml:"ID"`
	Title string    `yaml:"Title"`
	Packs []TMSPack `yaml:"Packs"`

type TMSVerse

type TMSVerse struct {
	ID        string   `yaml:"ID"`
	Title     string   `yaml:"Title"`
	Reference string   `yaml:"Reference"`
	Tags      []string `yaml:"Tags,flow"`

type VerseSelector

type VerseSelector func(TMSVerse) bool

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