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func File

func File() string

File returns the name of the index file to use. It is either $CSEARCHINDEX or $HOME/.csearchindex.

func HomeDir

func HomeDir() string

find home directory without cgo if needed

func Merge

func Merge(dst, src1, src2 string)

Merge creates a new index in the file dst that corresponds to merging the two indices src1 and src2. If both src1 and src2 claim responsibility for a path, src2 is assumed to be newer and is given preference.


type Index

type Index struct {
	Verbose bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An Index implements read-only access to a trigram index.

func Open

func Open(file string) *Index

func (Index) Close

func (ix Index) Close()

func (*Index) Name

func (ix *Index) Name(fileid uint32) string

Name returns the name corresponding to the given fileid.

func (*Index) NameBytes

func (ix *Index) NameBytes(fileid uint32) []byte

NameBytes returns the name corresponding to the given fileid.

func (*Index) Paths

func (ix *Index) Paths() []string

Paths returns the list of indexed paths.

func (*Index) PostingAnd

func (ix *Index) PostingAnd(list []uint32, trigram uint32) []uint32

func (*Index) PostingList

func (ix *Index) PostingList(trigram uint32) []uint32

func (*Index) PostingOr

func (ix *Index) PostingOr(list []uint32, trigram uint32) []uint32

func (*Index) PostingQuery

func (ix *Index) PostingQuery(q *Query) []uint32

type IndexWriter

type IndexWriter struct {
	LogSkip bool // log information about skipped files
	Verbose bool // log status using package log

	MaxFileLen      int64
	MaxLineLen      int
	MaxTextTrigrams int

	MaxInvalidUTF8Ratio float64
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An IndexWriter creates an on-disk index corresponding to a set of files.

func Create

func Create(file string) *IndexWriter

Create returns a new IndexWriter that will write the index to file.

func (*IndexWriter) Add

func (ix *IndexWriter) Add(name string, f io.Reader, size int64)

Add adds the file f to the index under the given name. It logs errors using package log.

func (*IndexWriter) AddFile

func (ix *IndexWriter) AddFile(name string)

AddFile adds the file with the given name (opened using os.Open) to the index. It logs errors using package log.

func (*IndexWriter) AddPaths

func (ix *IndexWriter) AddPaths(paths []string)

AddPaths adds the given paths to the index's list of paths.

func (*IndexWriter) Close

func (ix *IndexWriter) Close()

func (*IndexWriter) Flush

func (ix *IndexWriter) Flush()

Flush flushes the index entry to the target file.

type Query

type Query struct {
	Op      QueryOp
	Trigram []string
	Sub     []*Query

A Query is a matching machine, like a regular expression, that matches some text and not other text. When we compute a Query from a regexp, the Query is a conservative version of the regexp: it matches everything the regexp would match, and probably quite a bit more. We can then filter target files by whether they match the Query (using a trigram index) before running the comparatively more expensive regexp machinery.

func RegexpQuery

func RegexpQuery(re *syntax.Regexp) *Query

RegexpQuery returns a Query for the given regexp.

func (*Query) String

func (q *Query) String() string

type QueryOp

type QueryOp int
const (
	QAll  QueryOp = iota // Everything matches
	QNone                // Nothing matches
	QAnd                 // All in Sub and Trigram must match
	QOr                  // At least one in Sub or Trigram must match

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