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Package pluginstatusmap implements specialization of idxmap used to store plugin status by plugin name.



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func IndexPluginStatus

func IndexPluginStatus(data interface{}) map[string][]string

IndexPluginStatus creates indexes for plugin states and records the state passed as untyped data.


type PluginStatusEvent

type PluginStatusEvent struct {
	Value *status.PluginStatus

PluginStatusEvent represents an item sent through the watch channel in PluginStatusMap.WatchNameToIdx(). In contrast to NameToIdxDto it contains a typed Value.

type PluginStatusIdxMap

type PluginStatusIdxMap interface {
	// GetMapping returns internal read-only mapping with Value
	// of type interface{}.
	GetMapping() idxmap.NamedMapping

	// GetValue looks up previously stored status by plugin name in the mapping.
	GetValue(pluginName string) (data *status.PluginStatus, exists bool)

	// WatchNameToIdx allows to subscribe for watching changes in pluginStatusMap
	// mapping.
	WatchNameToIdx(subscriber core.PluginName, pluginChannel chan PluginStatusEvent)

PluginStatusIdxMap provides map of plugin names to plugin status. Other plugins can watch changes to this map.

type PluginStatusIdxMapRW

type PluginStatusIdxMapRW interface {

	// RegisterName adds new item into name-to-index mapping.
	Put(pluginName string, pluginStatus *status.PluginStatus)

	// UnregisterName removes an item identified by name from mapping
	Delete(pluginName string) (data *status.PluginStatus, exists bool)

PluginStatusIdxMapRW exposes not only PluginStatusIdxMap but also write methods.

func NewPluginStatusMap

func NewPluginStatusMap(owner core.PluginName) PluginStatusIdxMapRW

NewPluginStatusMap is a constructor for PluginStatusIdxMapRW.

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