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Package gitserver provides a smart Git HTTP server that can also set and remove hooks. The server is lightweight (<7M compiled with a ~2M footprint) and can mirror remote repositories in a containerized environment.



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const (
	EnvironmentHelp = `` /* 2291-byte string literal not displayed */



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func GetClient added in v1.3.0

func GetClient() (client.Interface, error)

func GetRepositoryBuildConfigs added in v1.3.0

func GetRepositoryBuildConfigs(c client.Interface, name string, out io.Writer) error

func RepositoryURL

func RepositoryURL(config *Config, name string, r *http.Request) *url.URL

RepositoryURL creates the public URL for the named git repo. If both config.URL and request are nil, the returned URL will be nil.

func Start

func Start(config *Config) error


type Clone

type Clone struct {
	URL   url.URL
	Hooks map[string]string

Clone is a repository to clone

type Config

type Config struct {
	Home        string
	GitBinary   string
	URL         *url.URL
	InternalURL *url.URL

	AllowHooks      bool
	AllowPush       bool
	AllowLazyCreate bool

	HookDirectory string
	MaxHookBytes  int64

	Listen string

	AuthenticatorFn func(http http.Handler) http.Handler

	CleanBeforeClone bool
	InitialClones    map[string]Clone

	AuthMessage string

Config represents the configuration to use for running the server

func NewDefaultConfig

func NewDefaultConfig() *Config

NewDefaultConfig returns a default server config.

func NewEnvironmentConfig added in v1.3.0

func NewEnvironmentConfig() (*Config, error)

NewEnvironmentConfig sets up the initial config from environment variables TODO break out the code that generates the handler functions so that they can be individually unit tested. Also separate out the code that generates the initial set of clones.


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