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type HorizontalPodAutoscalerControllerConfig

type HorizontalPodAutoscalerControllerConfig struct {
	HeapsterNamespace string

func (*HorizontalPodAutoscalerControllerConfig) RunController

type KubeControllerConfig

type KubeControllerConfig struct {
	RecyclerImage string

	// TODO the scheduler should move out into its own logical component
	SchedulerControllerConfig SchedulerControllerConfig

	HeapsterNamespace string

KubeControllerConfig is the runtime (non-serializable) config object used to launch the set of kube (not openshift) controllers.

func (KubeControllerConfig) GetControllerInitializers

func (c KubeControllerConfig) GetControllerInitializers(cloudProvider cloudprovider.Interface) (map[string]kubecontroller.InitFunc, error)

GetControllerInitializers return the controller initializer functions for kube controllers TODO in 3.7, CloudProvider is on the context

type NodeControllerConfig

type NodeControllerConfig struct {
	CloudProvider cloudprovider.Interface

func (*NodeControllerConfig) RunController

type PersistentVolumeAttachDetachControllerConfig

type PersistentVolumeAttachDetachControllerConfig struct {
	CloudProvider cloudprovider.Interface

func (*PersistentVolumeAttachDetachControllerConfig) RunController

type PersistentVolumeControllerConfig

type PersistentVolumeControllerConfig struct {
	RecyclerImage string
	CloudProvider cloudprovider.Interface

func (*PersistentVolumeControllerConfig) RunController

type SchedulerControllerConfig

type SchedulerControllerConfig struct {
	// TODO: Move this closer to upstream, we want unprivileged client here.
	PrivilegedClient               kclientset.Interface
	SchedulerName                  string
	HardPodAffinitySymmetricWeight int
	SchedulerPolicy                *schedulerapi.Policy

func (*SchedulerControllerConfig) RunController

type ServiceLoadBalancerControllerConfig

type ServiceLoadBalancerControllerConfig struct {
	CloudProvider cloudprovider.Interface

func (*ServiceLoadBalancerControllerConfig) RunController

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