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Package cmd contains various interface implementations for command-line tools associated with deploymentconfigs.



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func NewDeploymentConfigHistoryViewer

func NewDeploymentConfigHistoryViewer(oc client.Interface, kc kclientset.Interface) kubectl.HistoryViewer

func NewDeploymentConfigReaper

func NewDeploymentConfigReaper(oc client.Interface, kc kclientset.Interface) kubectl.Reaper

NewDeploymentConfigReaper returns a new reaper for deploymentConfigs

func NewDeploymentConfigRollbacker

func NewDeploymentConfigRollbacker(oc client.Interface) kubectl.Rollbacker

func NewDeploymentConfigScaler

func NewDeploymentConfigScaler(oc client.Interface, kc kclientset.Interface) kubectl.Scaler

NewDeploymentConfigScaler returns a new scaler for deploymentConfigs

func NewDeploymentConfigStatusViewer added in v1.4.0

func NewDeploymentConfigStatusViewer(oc client.Interface) kubectl.StatusViewer


type BasicDeploymentConfigController

type BasicDeploymentConfigController struct{}

func (BasicDeploymentConfigController) Generate

func (BasicDeploymentConfigController) Generate(genericParams map[string]interface{}) (runtime.Object, error)

func (BasicDeploymentConfigController) ParamNames

type DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer

type DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer is an implementation of the kubectl HistoryViewer interface for deployment configs.

func (*DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer) ViewHistory

func (h *DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer) ViewHistory(namespace, name string, revision int64) (string, error)

ViewHistory returns a description of all the history it can find for a deployment config.

type DeploymentConfigReaper

type DeploymentConfigReaper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigReaper implements the Reaper interface for deploymentConfigs

func (*DeploymentConfigReaper) Stop

func (reaper *DeploymentConfigReaper) Stop(namespace, name string, timeout time.Duration, gracePeriod *metav1.DeleteOptions) error

Stop scales a replication controller via its deployment configuration down to zero replicas, waits for all of them to get deleted and then deletes both the replication controller and its deployment configuration.

type DeploymentConfigRollbacker

type DeploymentConfigRollbacker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigRollbacker is an implementation of the kubectl Rollbacker interface for deployment configs.

func (*DeploymentConfigRollbacker) Rollback

func (r *DeploymentConfigRollbacker) Rollback(obj runtime.Object, updatedAnnotations map[string]string, toRevision int64, dryRun bool) (string, error)

Rollback the provided deployment config to a specific revision. If revision is zero, we will rollback to the previous deployment.

type DeploymentConfigScaler

type DeploymentConfigScaler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigScaler is a wrapper for the kubectl Scaler client

func (*DeploymentConfigScaler) Scale

func (scaler *DeploymentConfigScaler) Scale(namespace, name string, newSize uint, preconditions *kubectl.ScalePrecondition, retry, waitForReplicas *kubectl.RetryParams) error

Scale updates the DeploymentConfig with the provided namespace/name, to a new size, with optional precondition check (if preconditions is not nil), optional retries (if retry is not nil), and then optionally waits for its deployment replica count to reach the new value (if wait is not nil).

func (*DeploymentConfigScaler) ScaleSimple

func (scaler *DeploymentConfigScaler) ScaleSimple(namespace, name string, preconditions *kubectl.ScalePrecondition, newSize uint) (string, error)

ScaleSimple does a simple one-shot attempt at scaling - not useful on its own, but a necessary building block for Scale.

type DeploymentConfigStatusViewer added in v1.4.0

type DeploymentConfigStatusViewer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigStatusViewer is an implementation of the kubectl StatusViewer interface for deployment configs.

func (*DeploymentConfigStatusViewer) Status added in v1.4.0

func (s *DeploymentConfigStatusViewer) Status(namespace, name string, desiredRevision int64) (string, bool, error)

Status returns a message describing deployment status, and a bool value indicating if the status is considered done


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