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func Act

func Act(myPersonality model.Personality, goal model.Goal, actions []model.Action) (abortPersonality bool, abortGoal bool)

func GetAllThings

func GetAllThings() chan model.Thing

GetAllThings gets all things in database

func GetMeAndTarget

func GetMeAndTarget(meTag uint, targetTag uint) (me model.Thing, target model.Thing)

func GetMyTag

func GetMyTag() uint

GetMyTag finds the users tag in the database

func HandleIncoming

func HandleIncoming(b []byte)

HandleIncoming handles incoming messages

func HandleMyTagMessage

func HandleMyTagMessage(b []byte)

func PersistThingsMessage

func PersistThingsMessage(b []byte)

PersistThingsMessage puts a the things found in a []byte into the database, signalling when done

func PickTarget

func PickTarget() (model.Thing, bool)

PickTarget looks for another tank to shoot

func SendJoinGameMessage

func SendJoinGameMessage(game model.Game)

SendJoinGameMessage handles incoming messages

func SendMessageJoinServer

func SendMessageJoinServer()

SendMessageJoinServer tells the server about the bot


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