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type ReadBuf

type ReadBuf struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ReadBuf is a structure that holds the bytes to read into as well as the number of bytes that was read. The slice is typically pre-allocated to the max packet size and the buffers themselves are polled to avoid memory allocations for every new inbound message.

func (*ReadBuf) GetBytes

func (r *ReadBuf) GetBytes() []byte

GetBytes returns the contents of the ReadBuf as bytes

func (*ReadBuf) Read

func (r *ReadBuf) Read(p []byte) (int, error)

type Server

type Server interface {
	IsServing() bool
	DataChan() chan *ReadBuf
	DataRecd(*ReadBuf) // must be called by consumer after reading data from the ReadBuf

Server is the interface for servers that receive inbound span submissions from client.

type TBufferedServer

type TBufferedServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TBufferedServer is a custom thrift server that reads traffic using the transport provided and places messages into a buffered channel to be processed by the processor provided

func NewTBufferedServer

func NewTBufferedServer(
	transport thrift.TTransport,
	maxQueueSize int,
	maxPacketSize int,
	mFactory metrics.Factory,
) (*TBufferedServer, error)

NewTBufferedServer creates a TBufferedServer

func (*TBufferedServer) DataChan

func (s *TBufferedServer) DataChan() chan *ReadBuf

DataChan returns the data chan of the buffered server

func (*TBufferedServer) DataRecd

func (s *TBufferedServer) DataRecd(buf *ReadBuf)

DataRecd is called by the consumers every time they read a data item from DataChan

func (*TBufferedServer) IsServing

func (s *TBufferedServer) IsServing() bool

IsServing indicates whether the server is currently serving traffic

func (*TBufferedServer) Serve

func (s *TBufferedServer) Serve()

Serve initiates the readers and starts serving traffic

func (*TBufferedServer) Stop

func (s *TBufferedServer) Stop()

Stop stops the serving of traffic and waits until the queue is emptied by the readers


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