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type Factory

type Factory struct {
	Options *Options
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Factory implements storage.Factory for Cassandra backend.

func NewFactory

func NewFactory() *Factory

NewFactory creates a new Factory.

func (*Factory) AddFlags

func (f *Factory) AddFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet)

AddFlags implements plugin.Configurable

func (*Factory) CreateArchiveSpanReader

func (f *Factory) CreateArchiveSpanReader() (spanstore.Reader, error)

CreateArchiveSpanReader implements storage.ArchiveFactory

func (*Factory) CreateArchiveSpanWriter

func (f *Factory) CreateArchiveSpanWriter() (spanstore.Writer, error)

CreateArchiveSpanWriter implements storage.ArchiveFactory

func (*Factory) CreateDependencyReader

func (f *Factory) CreateDependencyReader() (dependencystore.Reader, error)

CreateDependencyReader implements storage.Factory

func (*Factory) CreateSpanReader

func (f *Factory) CreateSpanReader() (spanstore.Reader, error)

CreateSpanReader implements storage.Factory

func (*Factory) CreateSpanWriter

func (f *Factory) CreateSpanWriter() (spanstore.Writer, error)

CreateSpanWriter implements storage.Factory

func (*Factory) InitFromViper

func (f *Factory) InitFromViper(v *viper.Viper)

InitFromViper implements plugin.Configurable

func (*Factory) Initialize

func (f *Factory) Initialize(metricsFactory metrics.Factory, logger *zap.Logger) error

Initialize implements storage.Factory

type Options

type Options struct {
	SpanStoreWriteCacheTTL time.Duration
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Options contains various type of Cassandra configs and provides the ability to bind them to command line flag and apply overlays, so that some configurations (e.g. archive) may be underspecified and infer the rest of its parameters from primary.

func NewOptions

func NewOptions(primaryNamespace string, otherNamespaces ...string) *Options

NewOptions creates a new Options struct.

func (*Options) AddFlags

func (opt *Options) AddFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for Options

func (*Options) Get

func (opt *Options) Get(namespace string) *config.Configuration

Get returns auxiliary named configuration.

func (*Options) GetPrimary

func (opt *Options) GetPrimary() *config.Configuration

GetPrimary returns primary configuration.

func (*Options) InitFromViper

func (opt *Options) InitFromViper(v *viper.Viper)

InitFromViper initializes Options with properties from viper


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